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Have you ever used any of those stretching methods for shoes? I recently bought some leather shoes that need a bit stretched, I was thinking about doing the ice method. It looks so silly? like imagine putting shoes in your freezer. But if it works, I wont' complain lol.

I can't say that I have.

If you were walking somewhere, minding your own business, and a group of young guys catcalled you, would you choose to confront them by cussing them out and shouting to come up to you if they think they're so bad to whoop them, or would you just pretend you don't hear them and kept walking?

Ignore them. They want a reaction.

Do you receive things on here that aren't questions? i.e random statements, lyrics, hi/hello, emojis etc.

Every day. I just block them.
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What is your opinion on the new abortion laws in America in some states where they have made it now illegal to drive yourself out of that state to have an abortion somewhere Else?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
It's ridiculous that women have had the rights to their own body taken away.
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When you drive past churches or mosques, do you ever tell your kids that the people going there are fools who deserve mockery?

No. Tf?

Stop bullying people. Reported

Yet I've barely been on, nor do I send anything out. So. You do realise false reports can get you banned right?


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