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"You're not a failure. You're not doomed. You're not worthless. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Everyone falls. Even champions. The difference is they get up and try again. Have another go at it. Don't stay down. Have firm faith. It's not over yet. If you quit, that's the end."?

I see the beauty of my failures the way they makes the darkest of night a ray of hope. I am not done, i was never, it’s just that i am stepping 2 feet back to have a greatest of jumps i ever had.??

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Random Thoughts.?

The Prettiest.
Mena zindigi ko mout k aagy apni bawafai ka raqs kerta dekha ha.
Ma musalm’an phir b tha mout ka dur muja,
Ab yun guma’an hota ma tha b ya nehi,
Muja sy kehi gai her baat un lamho’on sy pehla eik kahani ki c thi phir kia ajab hua k us kahani ma Zaat e Tabariq wa Talah ny rooh phunki or phir woh pardy uthy jinki umeed tasawoor ma b ni thi.
Everyday we read, listen and admire a lot related to the hereafter but none of use pounder over it until they get to see it in reality.
How low of me it was when death was the last thing i was worried about and the promotion i was having topped all priorities.
The thing which makes a muslim unafraid of death is His Emaan but.. (you know the rest).
I would like to invite all of you to leave the lives you are living and reshape your priorities, don’t pounder over the past, what’s done is done, be positive about the future.
Trust me it’s all about those last 2 3 moments which sum up your entirety and non of us wait the dust to settle against us.
JazakAllah khair!
Jummah mubarak!?

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