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how'd you react if someone you considered a friend had a birthday party and did not invite you, but they did invite other friends?

I would ask what’s the reason.
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Do you have a music box? I randomly remembered having one when I was a child. This was 25+ years ago but I do remember that it was wedding themed- when you opened it, it played a melody while the bride and groom figurines spun around. I might get one too, but with a different theme, they look rad

I did. I loved the music. 🥹
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have you ever used an app that aims to reduce food waste such as 'Too Good To Go'?

Yes, I did, I just don’t find it too helpful. Most of the food was horrible and couldn’t be used the next day morning for example.
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Have you ever made yourself unreachable Just to be mysterious and let everybody wonder what happened to you?

Always 😂
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do people get offended when you mention their weight?

I don’t mention someone else’s weight because it’s not my business.
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What kind of users are "trending" to you? To me it's just foreignrs. I hope this doesn't sound wrong, I'm not a bigot, but I can't follow or like their answers if I don't understand them. Should this Ask feature be more location based, it'd be good for discovering new people.

I don’t watch the trending people.
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Voi ati gresit cuiva cu ceva si v-ati dat seama tarziu? Ce ati facut ca sa remediati problema?

Nu, pentru că realizez când greșesc și îmi cer scuze, poate nu imediat dar mereu încerc să restitui dacă simt ca merită să o fac. 🙂
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