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Is it okay for a girl to follow a guy she likes on Instagram ? Or does he think it’s a weird thing to do ?

How old are you?

Its okay to love someone, miss someone so badly but remember that they are not your person anymore or never were and you’re better off without them.

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Yeah, but you also need to move on from loving them or missing them, no need to cling on the past just move on work hard work on your self work on your goals and dreams and just try to be someone in your that you're proud of.

Is it actually us that is replaceable or it's the other person that doesn't know our worth?

I think it's just us being replaced with someone else. Not the other way around. So we get something better and they get what they actually deserve.

How someone feel when he/she in love with someone?

They just want to meet them, see them, and listen to them. Think about that person all the time. Not seeing them makes you sad. Their company makes you feel good and all the other crap.
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