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إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ 7.4.2020
Dr Zubair one of my buddy has been died. He left us after a major cardiac surgery. A big lose indeed. The most intelligent and luckiest person i ever met.😓 May Allah grant him high rank in Jannah. He was a gem. He was my inspiration. You'll be missed man. You'll be.😓
ابھی تو شادی ہوئی تھی۔ ہنستا کھيلتا رولا گيا ہم سب کو۔😭💔

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Zindagi Kia Hai......?? Kuch btayain??

" The birds revolving round the Kaaba with no humans around It" People calling it a miracle . Surely , it might be one but if it is , Its alarming .There is a famous saying" wahan p insan tab jata hai , jab bulawa ata hai" Imagine ,no invitations from His Home. This trembles me. Is the world this filthy that He doesnt want us to be there? Have we gone so far in sins that no people around Kaaba? .Ya Allah , Have mercy on us. Ameen😔

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Mention 1. most friendly personality on ask 😊 2. most annoying 😅 3. most beautiful😋 4. best display💚 5. best sense of humor🤣🤣 answers 🤍🤍 7. instant liker🤗 8. masoom log😶 on ask 9. your friends on ask🤩 10. your crush😁😄

Muhammad Abubakr Siddique
1:- @sidkhan8 ye bhai ask se dost banny fsd aae meetup kiya aik acha time spend kiya now we r gonna meet again maybe next month.😉
2:- boht se hain so mitti pao negativity ki trf jaty e nahi.😂
3:- @mahamtariq83 @h_0022, @Hafsa_writes733 @Mahnoorjaved103 @RidaSaleem09 @realisti_c @asfandyaraddi mera bachpan ka dost💕 @AmnaIqbalMalik @sidkhan8 @Zaralareb @r_bhatti @smalik1 @khushbakht45 @AyeshaWantsQuestions @Malikshasha okay some of these are beautiful by face no doubt but some are beautiful by nature and face as well seriously. cz i personally talk with them so jinse thori boht baat hoi v wo khod samjh jaen gy hahaha😋🤭
4:- same 3rd mentioned ppl.
5:- well yaha badmeezi best humor main ata lakin meri nazr main nahi. So @Hafsa_writes733 @khushbakht45 @Deeejay_ @asfandyaraddi etc...3rd waly almost jinse baat bhi hoi v they are having good and sensible humour.
6:- Humour and answers obv same count kro ga main.
7:- @Hafsa_writes733 😂 ye masoom bandi mere answers ko neechy taak jaa k like karti just mere 1 like par ayeee so sweet😊 aur bhi hain lakin ab yaad nahi aur un sab ka shukria😃
8:- Mera personal view hai aj kal koi b shareef nahi including me you and all. So jo khod ko masoom kahy wo andr se sab se bara meesna type fankar hota hai.💯🤷‍♂️
9:- @asfandyaraddi #chaddibuddy😘, @sidkhan8 these are true friends on ask🥰
10:- hahahah boht se hain lakin filhal sakht wala @AyeshaWantsQuestions @h_0022 @fajarkashmiri @MahnoorKhan233 @elishayy_ by beauty and @Hafsa_writes733 @khushbakht45 @Mahnoorjaved103 by nature seriously. By face bhi asi e hon gi jese by nature khobsorat hain obv. Pls mind maat krna tm loog ab cz it's my 1st ever confession on ask Aur boht se log sochain gy k aik sath itne crush. so, i admire 1st 4 girls by beauty seriously nd love to watch them secretly.😜 lakin mainy anon ban k inko tang kbhi ni kiya🤭 but on the other hand i admire the nature of other these girls and they are highly respectable for me seriously. Q k crush ka matlb sirf zahri khobsorti nahi hota.😊 that's why i mentioned a lot profiles.😋🤭

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Whom do you love the most between your Ami and Abbu? (Most difficult question as a kid😛)

TBH i love them equally lakin ami jan ghr na hon to ghr katny ko dorta aur main to khana b dhang se nahi khata yar :/ aur abu thoray se bemar hon to mera dill tarap jata :/ ALLAH dono ka syaa salamat rakhy ameen :)

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