Ask @rjsikandaryounas:

Tell me your home city without mentioning it's name😄,let make some guess🤭

Known as Manchaster of Pakistan.
3rd big city of Pakistan
Having bigest textile industary of Pakistan
1st city of Pakistan which is designed 1st before developing
Having Biggest University of Asia pecific
Having Biggest town of Asia pecific which is known as Ghulam Muhammad Abad....
Famous for Food after Lahore and so on...😀😻💕

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What was the last thing that made you cry....???

I cried last friday to sunday... when dady was hospitalized due to sudden heart beat prob after heart surgery.... and no one was with me to cure my pain... chup chup kay DAD se roya taa k unka honsla kam na ho...💔or unkay sath joking karta raha.
Always remem my DADY in ur precious prayers cz he is my word, my everything💕😘

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Late Night Thoughts 🌚

~حال یہ ہے کہ اپنی حالت پر
غور کرنے سے بچ رہا ہوں میں 🥀
~پڑے ہیں ایک گوشے میں گُماں کے
بھلا ہم کیا ، ہماری زندگی کیا🍁
~میں اب ہر شخص سے اُکتا چکا ہوں
فقط کچھ دوست ہیں اور دوست بھی کیا؟🍂

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