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I saw smth like in my timeline so I'm spreading it: name 3 or 5 friends (vidders) and fictional characters that are similar

nathiagrey’s Profile PhotoNatal [Nat. ♥]
Phew that is a tough one, but imma give it a try!
Laura - Eddard Stark (Game Of Thrones). She shows a whole lotta strength in life, follows the ways life leads her, is trustful and always tries to help those people she is close to. No matter what, she speaks also her mind and that is a good thing, no matter how the consequences are.
Alex - Glenn Rhee (The Walking Dead). She is much focused on doing her work the perfect way, sometimes even a bit too perfect which leads to sad moments when everything is too much. She may be shy, but if you get to know her better, she is one of the nicest persona that I ever met. She's got, like him, a great sense of humour too and she always knows how to cheer people up, on the other hand she's got a hand for useful hints in life!
Nathi - Dean Winchester (Supernatural). Sometimes really annoying and a crybaby, but in the deep of her heart one of the most awesome persons I have ever seen. A fighter because of the past, an optimist for the future and a realist for current times. A good sense of humour and also the passion for rockmusic is given to her. If she gets mad, then people should be prepared. As he does, she fights for the ones she loves.
I hope that is enough for the first time and try! ;)

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