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Holaa,nos seguimos❤. ¿5 Cosas Tuyas? ¿Fecha? ¿iniciales? ¿Musica? ¿Cantante? ¿Frase? ¿Fruta? ¿Comida?pásate.

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Te sigo.❤️
Dafne Sánchez Martínez.❤️,13, Daniela, Followme in insta dafneesanchez_❤️, 02/04❤️.
Toda la música me gusta.❤️
Las mejores sonrisas son las que nadie entiende.❤️

# ILK 28? [ FollowMe ]

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Role Play, do którego przyszło mi należeć zostało zamknięte, dlatego też nadszedł czas, abym się z wszystkim pożegnał, albowiem nie widzę sensu w dłuższym przebywaniu na owym koncie. Myślę, iż nikogo nie zawiodłem swoim stylem pisania, a te dwie notki zamieszczone na moim profilu, czytało się przyjemnie. Żegnam wszystkich i życzę powodzenia w dalszym pisaniu.🙃😔 Przy okazji przepraszam [ @Ffaatmma ], z którą nie przyszło nam spełnić naszych planów. 😔😔


Oh really bitch? You're so funny you keep hating me on ask.fm 😂 are you really that weak? 😝 i dont give a fuck what u say okah? Your opinion doesnt matter to me 😋 I can ask whoever i want to follow me back and u cant stop me from doing that and if im annoying you by asking ppl to followme back its not my problem its yours so just fuck off and btw bitch i know who you are 😚 PS: wag masyadong tapang tapangan ah 🙂 kasi mas bitch ako sayo remember that 😘 xx adios bitch 💖

Oh sory am yeah they r so grea omg i saw them it ben 10 days in thw boys of zummer .....who's ur fav boy ? And pls can u followme cus am friendlly this fob fans

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Dude, i just love them. I would like to see them in a concert so badly! I like Pete the most. Sure you are. I follow youu😊😊

No es la neta estas media fea y luego tus fotos de naca nmms jajaja no tienes personalidad y para acabarla jajajaa tienes tus fotos de insta diario con followme y guadalajara morra que pedo? Ya sabemos que eres de gdl nmms como por que eso o que? Bo sabes usar insta dime quien hace lo que tu

Gracias por estar tan al pendiente de mi insta ☺
La verdad no se si me sigas, pero pues tus comentarios u opiniones me vienen valiendo madre, mientras el me diga esto no me preocupa para nada los comentarios de los demas ☺❤

Hola! 🙋🏼 Oye te admiro a ti y a la relación que tienes con tu novio! ☺️😍 es tan Wow! 💑 yo llevo 8 meses con mi novio y no hemos salido de vacaciones juntos! 😕 Espero que esa relación sea por siempre! ✨ Saludos! 💕

Nosotros llevamos 4 meses pero desde que salimos ya son 8😌💕
Muchísimas gracias por todo, será por siempre...💍💚
Te regalo este followme en cuerna.


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( █ ) - http://ask.fm/ofresurrection/answer/127015794267

&. –– ❛ maybe i ( DON'T. ) know him but i still do know he will H U R T
anyone who tries to get close to his family, / &&. as far as i know, he
doesn't like me being here, he already have planned on killing me,,❜
she shrugged, even her own words were hurting her, maybe she was
a ruthless &&. / a heartless bitch Y E T she couldn't stop scaring from
an odd hybrid who lives under the same roof as hers. ❛ maybe you're right—
but it still doesn't change the fact that i ( HATE. ) him, he tried to kill
me twice &&. / he never regrets it, that bastard.❜ the last part came out in
a mumble tone, of course Henrik didn't heard that. ❛ — still; i don't blame
him cause i agree; i was such a ( PAIN. ) in the ass.❜ what a bitch i was;
what happened? -- you C H A N G E D, oh god please don't say you
changed because of HIM, cause then i will vomit; she thought.
&&. that was the time she FINALLY dared to look up at him again, her
eyes met; stop staring, narcissa, S T O P. but she couldn't there was
some FAMILIAR thing in his eyes, it wasn't hate, he didn't hate her, for
once in her life she could meet someone who didn't ( HATE. ) her, not
like her sister hates her, or the father of HOPE, or her mother and even
her father ever did, Henrik didn't hate her. Somehow their stare managed
to glint with clarity and with a cough she broke the contact; you can't be in
love or any relationship with him narcissa, you just cant. she pouted her lips
and with sliding a punch of hair behind her ear she faked a smile. ❛ well —
the COOKIES are not gonna be eaten by themselves, mhm; you stay here
and i'll get some cookies to eat cause instead of you i'm not immortal &&.
if i DON'T eat i will die, ❜ her tone was nervously, please henrik don't follow
me, please don't come down with me and eat cookies, you can eat cookies
after i left, can't you? if you follow and eat cookies with me i will probably
punch you in the face or just kiss you, E W no, don't follow me, D O N' T
come down; she thought &&. stepped outside the room. ❛ — S H I T ❜ she
mumbled, a deep breath helped her calm down. ❛ — focus on cookies. ❜
she said while walking downstairs.
&&. the night came, it's been a while since the last time the two ( SITTERS. ) talked
in hope's room. with a plate of cookies she went back to the same room she walked
outside hours ago, a small smile formed on her lips while she saw the cutest scene,
henrik lying down on the bed &&. hope placed on his chest, she was ( PLAYING? )
on his chest and he was in a deep sleep? she slowly picked up hope and placed her
on her bed while she heard his groans, he was awake, SUDDENLY. ❛ i brought you
cookies. ❜ she said and sat down on bed beside him. ❛ they taste AWFUL but you
still can eat.❜ she teased.

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No tak xd wymusza od ludzi żeby mnie obserwowali -_- jpdl wkurwiają mnie takie niedojeby jak Ty -_-
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You're one of my idols , you're big brother greetings from mexico I admire your trabajo¡ you would you still followme ?? pleaseYou're one of my idols , you're big brother greetings from mexico I admire your work ¡ you would you still followme ?? please✌✌ #your the best ✌✌folow me✌pohtosmokingweed

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But u know that this acc is only a Khalifa's fan page?

Sustos everywhere con TELETUBBIES/ Slenddertubyes ll/ NUEVO VIDEO ñ.ñ Juega Sleendertubbies DECÍAN, sera divertido DECÍAN D': jajajaja AYÚDENME A LLEGAR A LOS 500 SUB's :3 :D SI LES GUSTO DENLE LIKE Y SUSCRIBANSE :D

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