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Do you like how I look?

lucifernick2’s Profile PhotoNick Lucifer
Do you like how you look regardless of what people says why give somone satisfaction to insult you or take on their comments you don't need to justify who you are or how you look I wouldn't do on the Internet do know how toxic it is you given them that platform to attack you ask your close friends ect and family

Don't but in and i am not close to your age i am 10 years younger than trin and i forgot it is not reason to be upset who cares what name i say i really did forget i always say trin but 1 more mistake and she is block and report i don't like her anyway

🌸 Kindly do not tell me what I can or can not do. You don't get to tell me when I can talk to my friends.
🌸 Forgetting once, fair enough, mistakes are made. Forgetting twice is kinda careless. But three times? That's deliberate...
🌸 If you're truly 18, then you'd know full well that stop means stop. That calling her that is not appropriate. And that an 18 year old, should not be calling a stranger "mommy". Its not only cringey to see, it's disturbing.
🌸 Trin isn't the one making a mistake. It's you. She's set clear boundaries which you've completely ignored! Hence she blocked and reported you.
Seriously, PLEASE do better.
Dont but in and i am not close to your age i am 10 years younger than trin and i
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What do you value most in a friendship?

mariamistic_’s Profile Photomariam
-Sticking to the same friends? (my heart aches seeing my old friends with their new friends)
-Giving your friends importance like they should? (I can't stand anyone getting closer to my friends.)
-Staying loyal to each others? (Cause friendship might end someday, trust should never. Its ugly)

What's that one thing you would never share?

sporadicrant’s Profile PhotoDanial
Most people dont realise it that i am clueless. Especially to the ppl older then me and the ppl i like & my best friends thats bcox i dont see them with judgement i mean i can. But i dont. Its something. So i always just say yes to whatever they think is best. 🌚 🌝
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Are you friends with @tiffanywoodson5077? If so, please tell her to apologize to @stargirlgreer_ and @anthony_robert_todd_ for reporting Greer’s account. Tiffany is not being very fair.

figuringcart660_’s Profile PhotoFiguringCart660
I'm not friends with tiffany. She just greets me. But if I ignore her sometimes I'm just friends with skylar and kateryn.
Well I will inform you she has to apologize @tiffanywoodson5077 . Stop doing that apologize.
I don't want to get into trouble, I don't know what you've done that everyone doesn't like you.

Can a boy and a girl be friends??? I want the answer according to the Islamic point of view .

urwaamin07’s Profile Photoلا پتہ ⁦:⁠^⁠)⁩
The attraction between cross-gender ‘friendships’ is undeniable. This is proven by science. Our brains tend to give off increased levels of chemicals while we interact with people of the opposite gender.
We will only be deceiving ourselves if we consider non-mahrams to simply be ‘friends’. Doing this means we will be susceptible to losing focus and hence commit sins. This invariably us further away from the bounty of Allah SWT.

Can a boy and a girl be friends??? I want the answer according to the Islamic point of view .

urwaamin07’s Profile Photoلا پتہ ⁦:⁠^⁠)⁩
No. Islam doesn't allow it. And it's a dilemma of our society, almost everyone is involved in this under the label of modernism. We need to open our eyes and have some fear of Allah in our hearts. Only then, we can abstain ourselves from this sin.
And no it is not cool to have so many opposite genders in contact. It's besharmi. My Allah guide us.
Stay Happy and Stay Blessed ❤️🦘

Assumption: You prefer to be alone with a book or writing something of your own rather than being with friends.

Hmm, I'm gonna say false for this one! While it is true that I like spending time alone, I wouldn't say I "prefer" it over being with my friends. I don't prefer either one over the other, really. They are both equally important to me.

Cuál te parece el trío perfecto?🤭 Puede ser de cualquier cosa.. días/mes/estación, colores, objetos, ropa, comida, hobby, deporte, lugares/paisajes, música, súper héroes/personaje de anime, series/películas, personas famosas ETC LO QUE SE TE OCURRA PERO DEBEN SER 3 🤎 Ej: colores: negro, lila, azul

ValeehEstuboaqi’s Profile Photomoonlight ✨
Días/mes/estación: Primavera, otoño, invierno soy más de climas fríos, pero últimamente la primavera la veo bonita, la verdad. Colores: Negro, rojo y morado en definitiva son mis preferidos. Objetos: libreta, bolígrafo y maleta pequeña a todo lugar que voy siempre tengo estos, el trío perfecto. Ropa: Vestido, chaqueta de cuero, camisas estampadas. Me encanta y son super cómodas dichas prendas. Comida: Pasta, patatas fritas y pizza. Es tan deliciosa la comida que no puedo dejarla, sorry. Hobby: Escribir, viajar, leer un buen libro disfruto de cada uno y se me hace tan relajante. Deporte: Voleibol, natación, snowboard me encanta ser muy activa en estos deportes. Lugares/paisajes: Alemania, Indonesia, Japones son los países donde tiene los mejores paisajes, al menos para mí. Música: Thrash metal, Punk, Rock estos géneros lo tienen todo para que sea energético. Súper héroes/personaje de anime: Sesshomaru, Zero Kiryuu, Miketsukami en definitiva tengo una debilidad muy grande por los albinos. Series/películas: That'70s show, True Blood, Friends clásicos y de los buenos. Personas famosas: Ryan Reynolds, Billie Eilsh, Johnny Depp son una maravilla.

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Are parents responsible for the behaviour of their child?

graceks_1610’s Profile PhotoAngel Deborah
Yes, to some extent. But teachers, friends n other companions can also influence the behaviour of a child. Even a stranger can influence the behaviour of a child. Even mobile phone, movies, web series, websites, reels, shorts etc. can influence a child's behaviour.
So parents r not the only one to blamed.

Are you still in touch with your first love?

The first person I properly had a connection with dabbles in and out of my life sometimes. I think we became friends but strangers instead of having a relationship or anything. We had a strange connection but I didn't and don't have anything bad to say about him, he's actually helped me in a lot of ways. 🌸

What do you wish you had spent more time doing when you were younger?

iWillSpamYouAsk’s Profile PhotoSpam Ask
idk, i can't remember much of my childhood. as for my teenage years, i wish i had spent more time with my friends instead of focusing all my time on school.
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What do you find especially fun to do together with others? 🍣🎳

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
It largely depends on a person i am with and to some extend also other stuff like seasons and what my current hobbies, likes and needs are.
For example now that i haven't really sleep in 3 weeks and i am sooo exhausted, there is nothing i would like to do more than nap. Anybody who i would feel safe with, i would simply wanna nap together. I would be so happy if somebody was scratching my head/back while i can nap next to them (just like i was doing it to my roommate, such cute bonding moments).
Whenever i was around younger friends (most friends of my parents have kids years younger than me) i loved playing with toys with them. Like barbies etc. Or watching cartoons. I wouldn't exactly suggest to do so with older people 😅 activity i love to do with my husband is working out, which in general i don't like doing infront of people but i do like to walk and chat with everybody. I also love going out to restaurants or make feasts at home.
I have a thing for taking crushes/boyfriends to the pool for some reason 😅 there was only one guy that i had a thing with and we didn't go to the pool of some sort. Like other have dates at movies etc, well i have them at pools and wellness centers 🤣 speaking about boyfriends, in both cases where they had a car, i loved just sitting in the car with them and talk, listen to music or just be present while they drive, especially at night🥰
But what matters most to me is not activity itself, it's the people :) with people i love, i would be happy doing anything.

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✉ : ᴸ͟ᴳ͟ ᵍ͟ʳ͟ᵒ͟ᵘ͟ᵖ ❌ Playlista Twojej postaci.

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ᴸᴳ ᵍʳᵒᵘᵖ  Playlista Twojej postaci

Are you healed or you just don’t want to think about it?

namiqah32459’s Profile Photonamiqah
"Healing makes you realize some people don't deserve to be around you, no matter how much you love them. Unconditional love doesn't mean unconditional tolerance of abuse, disrespect, or bullshit it's not unconditional boundaries.
This is one of the hardest things about healing.

Cutting ties with friends and family, the unhealed version of you always had time for these individuals. The unhealed version of you put all these people first not matter how you were treated in return.

Breaking ties with people, is a part of healing that isn’t talked about enough.

For the person that is cutting the ties or breaking the cycle it is painful, it’s lonely it’s grief. It’s not all roses and butterflies, we are not floating around thinking we are better than anyone else. We are trying to heal ourselves and being around certain people, personalities and traits, is deeply damaging to our mental health.

It’s no fun, it’s not easy but we do it for ourselves. If you have spent a lifetime putting other people first it’s one of the most difficult things you can do. “Put yourself first” it’s does get easier. It is hard, but healing isn’t easy it’s definitely worth it."

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He love me but he say he hate love. He cares for me he respects me he is so true and genuine and loyal to me. But he never confess. He say we are best friends. And he want us to be together forever. What is this behaviour boys?? Please elaborate.

This behavior is called manipulation and gaslighting. He's wanting to be with you, but without any commitments and solid relationship/marriage with you. The care and respect=he's supposed to be caring, he's not doing something extra! Everybody is supposed to be caring and kind.
My suggestion would be to keep him a friend, don't cross limits. Don't give him wife benefits in a 'bestfriend or girlfriend' membership.

My best friend is cheating with my other best friend behind the back of her boyfriend who also happens to be my best friend. Everything is just a mess and I don't know what to do.

Since you all are such best fucking friends here, why dont you take her fucking spot until you all have figured out how to solve this shit? Maybe you swap around and bring along a fucking scoreboard. Maybe you call Jerry Springer. I dont fucking care!
I think I take that back. If you get on the "Jerry Springer show", then you should fucking contact me. That shit could be entertaining as fuck.

SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY. He spoke to me for one month straight. We bonded really well. Things were going good. And then one day (out of the blues) he apologizes for nothing and blocks me from everywhere the next day. What could’ve happened? :’)

Playing hard to get.
He realized that you only want to stay friends or you have some boundaries. He doesnt like that & dont want to stay this way.
So, he wants you to think that he may have feelings for you but cant confess. This will somehow make him look a nice guy to you.
This scheme work likes magnets. The more you repel the more other person wants to talk.
Also, He may be planning something long-term. Like in future if you guys have a fight he may pull out "I left you, you came back".

Say you stumbled upon a small village of fairy houses while walking through the woods, what'd you do? 🧚‍♂️🏘

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I feel like I’d be totally starstruck for the first like 10 minutes and just stare at it in awe! 😱😆
Once I snapped out of it though, I’d want to get closer to this village and see all the little details for myself! I bet it’d be so whimsical and gorgeous! I have this like distinct image (that’s probably gonna be hard to describe 🙈) in my head of what I’d imagine it would look like already. 🥰
Maybe I’d interact with the fairies, or try to. But I’d be so terrified to accidentally hurt them that I’d probably be as hesitant to interact as they were. I would totally wanna hang out with them and have some fairy friends, if I could be so lucky! I think that truly would be so fun! 🥺
(Not my picture)
Say you stumbled upon a small village of fairy houses while walking through the
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*Shadow is wary of the cave, after all he knows icy poes with freezing breath inhabit caves like these, while he wouldn't get frozen solid like Blue once did, it would still be a nuisance to have to deal with. But he ventures inside anyway better that he alone checks this out than his mortal friends

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
Darkness, at first, which was Shadows oldest and truest friend, though as it often did, even for monsters and demons it sometimes held an air of foreboding.
There's a figure at the end of the tunnel.
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Do you have a backup account on tik tok? Because I followed the page and someone with your name started talking to me and told me it was really you and he wanted to iMessage me so I did the dumbest thing and gave him my email address and now he won’t give mr proof that it’s really you.

Lol what was the Kik? because I only have one Kik account but I rather keep it private just for family and friends

Have you ever come to a point where in life u see everything is falling apart. Your career, family, relations, ur loosing everything one by one.. life is becoming so harsh and tough as each day is passing by i mean for most of us.. for ppl struggling May Allah brings it easy for all of us❤️ Ameen🥺

Misha5638’s Profile PhotoMi Sh
Well everything will go away in one day wealth family friends accept God he is with us from we were born until we died and in the next life.

You must want stalkers if you announce here that it’s public. Nothing wrong with that though. I like when people view me too. Especially certain people.

I don’t know who all was pending. So they’ve been auto approved when making it public. That’s the main “announcement.” Most of my Ask people are already friends, even some anons so they’ve already had access. I don’t care who “stalks”… already had the return on here of my worst stalker.
You must want stalkers if you announce here that its public Nothing wrong  with

Your thoughts about love

Let me tell you a fun fact about me my ask was dead I got funnier more confident more skillful after my break up even though 6 months my grades from 75 to 50 percent and I was hospitalized for one month ( not suicide itna bewakoof nahi bas stopped thinking what I'm gonna do stressed a lot lol) . If you make yourself better after break up then good if you gonna cry One of my best friends @DanyalJaved never judged me and make me back what i was before 2011 because mera scene kafi lamba tha I was almost ready to get married but things happened Ek tu bc harh jagha rishtadaar ko kun logh pasand aya jata hai . Even tho fun fact that guy knows me as well lol Ps : It was never my cousin

What scares / worries you? How do you deal with it? 💭

Well, I've given up on news, things that play on our fears, look at the news, it's just people telling you society is in decline, war is about to happen, and the economy is crumbling.
Fears are just part of our nature, and it should be kept under control, through exercise, surrounding yourself with positive friends, and reading some great answers.

I write down my negative feelings to get rid of them.
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first week it happened you lied about who was doing it when it's just people sticking up for friends but can see you know that now why the chat last night

Yeah and I'm glad that chat happened last night, I'll help anyone even if they don't like me
And me and Michael being civil to each other is great 👍 can't be arsed with drama
I've enough personal shit going on it's hard enough trying to stay alive atm

is the political opinion of the person you like important to you

Absolutely. There are several things that are non-negotiable for me. The most important being:
1. Belief in intelligent design
2. Cultural, political and sexual ideology.
I won't delve further into this subject matter on askfm because whenever I do, the Wokesters complain and my account gets suspended. Suffice it to say that I am very careful about who I associate with in my personal life. My circle of friends are small but honest, sincere, faithful, loyal, ethical and uncompromised integrity.

In Islam you are not allowed to make friends, girls cant use perfumes, you are not allowed to smoke, you have to wear burqa all the time. no i dont want to be a muslim there is no freedom.

In jew, uh have to go through some steps to attain liberation, in hinduism uh need to reborn in multiple beings to attain liberation, in Buddhism uh need to go through a process of liberation, in christianity, zoroasterism, daoism, ancient Chinese religions, jainism, bahaism, and many more religions have specific terms to attain liberation.
But islam says’ your good manners are your way to jannah’.

Kierujesz się sercem czy rozumem ?

KasiaOdwrot’s Profile PhotoKasia
Wszystko zależy od sytuacji w której jestem, czasami kieruje się rozumem, szczególnie wtedy gdy mam coś załatwić albo ogarnąć, a sercem wtedy gdy chodzi o rodzinę i przyjaciół.
It all depends on the situation I'm in, sometimes I'm guided by my mind, especially when I have to do something or embrace smth., but with my heart when it comes to family and friends.
Kierujesz się sercem czy rozumem

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