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10 wise life advice that you want to give as a gift

josejesusclrdz’s Profile PhotoEquesTemplar
✅Believe in the Lord ✅ Believe in yourself ✅Don’t be afraid to be different from the masses ✅ Value your family ✅Don’t waste your time and life on things that have a bad influence on you ✅Choose your friends wisely ✅ Don’t forget to rest ✅Be honest first of all with yourself ✅ Study, study, study whatever it is, don’t stand still ✅ Don't forget to smile, this world is still beautiful, despite all the hardships ◕‿◕

If a person doesn’t make an effort to talk to me in person, does that indicate disinterest? Their friends were nice to me and told me to have a good day after talking to him and when we were neighbors, they’d sometimes look back at me before we went our separate ways. Idk if I should reach out…

It's natural to question these signals, but sometimes people have different communication styles. Their friends being nice and the occasional acknowledgment as neighbors could indicate some level of friendliness. If you're interested in building a connection, reaching out might provide more clarity. It's okay to take a chance and initiate a conversation if you feel comfortable :)

Do u let your anger out

sagetoriola46’s Profile Photosagetoriola46
I usually try to stay rational as much as I can until something gets me worked up and suddenly I lose control over my emotions and my emotions start controlling me. When that happens and I’m angry, I sometimes take it out on everyone in the house (unfortunately) and then apologize as well as try making up for my poor behavior. But usually, I’m good at finding ways to calm myself down when I’m angry and isolate myself to process my anger. I either take naps, listen to music, text/rant to my online friends, get something to eat outside, and/or remind myself that the feeling is just temporary so there’s no need to act on it and then later live with regrets.

I want to find new people on ask fm but there are none.

I complain to my parents about not being able to find long term friends that I can actually see in person and my mom reminds me that if I don’t leave the house and hangout with the Turkish girls who live around where I live, I won’t have a social life and that sucks because I don’t want to limit my options and I’m open to making friends outside of the only community my mom knows and interacts with.

Why does EVERYONE get on my nerves? what does that say about me? What am I missing?

It most likely indicates that you’re missing something from your life as that happens to me every so often as well (since I don’t have a social life and am not as great as some others are academically) but mine is due to living with the belief that almost everyone I see has a better life than me. I oddly get irritated when I find out that others are getting engaged, hanging out with their friends irl, or when I see someone doing better than me at something I’ve always wanted to be good at. I think it’s jealousy as well as resentment that’s built up and wants to be released and when it’s not released, everyone and everything just keeps getting on your nerves. You should remind yourself that as long as you try to make your life better and make an effort to actually be great at something (unlike me who hardly ever makes an effort for anything these days) and are surrounded by good people, that’s all that really matters at the end of the day and maybe that might help calm your nerves.

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What perfume do you wear?

Inevitably you are going to hear stories and see posts about myself and Mooch but please keep in mind that the probability of those being false is very high. Both Mia and I have been in each others lives since we were 16 and started off as friends, going into best friends and ended up falling in love. While life took us on different paths and that love faded we have never lost interest in being the best of friends and that will be for life. Keep in mind that this is real life and real feelings are involved. ❤️

can men and women actually be platonic friends? why or why not?

I personally don’t think so and it’s dependent on a lot of factors. I have had friends who were fellows in high school and then eventually they professed their feelings for me. It honestly depends on whether they are attracted to you or your personality tbh. I really feel like one or the other always ends up liking each other whether they admit it or not. Some even take it to the with them rather than admitting it lol. What do I know, right? 😜

Would you do it all over again? If so whats your starting point?

I’d definitely do some things all over again, especially things that I know I’ll regret in the future like I’m currently regretting now. I’d like to start back to when I was in 8th grade and prepare myself for the changes that are yet to happen rather than being in complete shock when my friends and I go our separate ways the year after. I would appreciate the time that I’d spend at the library with my friend rather than being too mentally preoccupied with thoughts of the guy who disappointed me as well as my old friend group and would much rather live in the moment and make the most out of the time I had with my friend freshman year of high school. I would consider taking my classes more seriously and would look forward to making friends at school instead of being in school feeling all alone and not having any priorities or a care for the future whatsoever. Maybe then I’d be more accustomed to studying by the time I started going to college and maybe by now I would’ve graduated already.

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If you found an injured and cold fairy when walking through the woods, what'd you do? 🧚🤕

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I’d pick it up and ask if they have family or friends around that can help them. If not, I’d make sure to help the fairy. Then when it is all better, I’d bring the fairy back to where I found them, or I will bring them to the place they will tell me to bring them!
If you found an injured and cold fairy when walking through the woods whatd you

Have you ever fallen for someone you shouldn't have? How did you manage to deal with it

I did and I dealt with it in the worst way possible because here I am still thinking about them to this day even tho I have good reasons as to why I should forget them. I dealt with it by trying to act like I didn’t notice the way they’d try making eye contact with me, them looking back at me when we would walk away from each other, how quiet they were around me yet being aware of every move I make and how their friends were so welcoming towards me after talking to them. Meanwhile, I let my anxiety get the best of me and I told myself that it would never work out between us because of our differences in religion and friend groups. We just didn’t belong together and I wish I knew that it would work out between us if I gave him a chance but the likelihood of that happening didn’t seem so strong. Now I’ll never know because nothing ended up happening and it’s sad that we weren’t friends either because if we were, we’d most likely still have a connection to this day.

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If you were a giant like the one from Jack and the beanstalk and you found someone sneaking inside your house, most likely to steal your goose that lays golden eggs, what'd you do? 🥾🥚

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Well, if I were a giant and found someone sneaking into my house to steal my golden egg-laying goose — I has probably use my giant-sized tickling pawers and give them a big, silly tickle attack and make them laugh so much that they forget all about stealing and just want to be friends instead. Who can resist a giant tickle? It is a cute and funny way to handle the situation, don't you think? 🌚😤.

I found some pictures from the summer of 2013. I used to attend many parties and cookouts back then. I was very social and had lots of friends. I miss how great those times were. Do you miss 2013?

I’m glad you have fond memories to look back on :)
For me, I think that was my last year in sixth form/first year at uni. I do miss uni, even though my very first year was a tad unpleasant, but I will be forever grateful and glad to have gone to such a prestigious art campus (before switching to another for my actual degrees). I miss being in a creative, learning environment, for sure!
Other than that, I can’t say I miss it much. I’m much more happier and confident in myself now than I was then :)

Have you ever dealt with fake friends and do you think if someone unfollows someone on social media, they probably never saw the person as their friend to begin with and weren't a genuine friend?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I have dealt with fake friends. They’re gone now. 😊
Some of my fake friends only started to unfollow me after they got mad at me.
I’ve had people unfollow me that aren’t my friends, but they made me wonder why they unfollowed me. People I knew from the past for example.
I think that if ‘friends’ unfollow you, they aren’t friends. They have all the rights to follow whoever they want, but if they don’t follow me, it means (to me) that they don’t want to see my content and therefore me.

Do you think it’s a red flag for a girl to have a guy best friend when she’s dating a guy? Why or why not? I personally think it’ll make her bf jealous or lead to mistrust, especially if her guy best friend initiates physical contact with her every so often.

Ick. Yeah anyone I'd date could be friends with anyone.. I'm looking for an equal standing human relationship, not puppy and owner. If the trust isn't there to start y'all are both just playing yourselves aka playing house. A breakup is inevitable when you or your partner aren't allowed freedom to be themselves. Friendship isn't something we should take for granted in my opinion. A red flag would be if they tried to keep the other person a secret.. the hanging out, hugs, and constant talking are all great! But if I find you're concealing it that means I can't trust you, causing me to affectively end said relationship.

When traveling, would you rather fly on an airplane alone or road trip with friends?

melcfriendly’s Profile PhotoMC :)
When it comes to the actual journey, I'd much rather go on a roadtrip with friends! I generally don't like traveling alone, the one time I've flown alone I knew I had friends waiting for me when I arrived. If that was the case, I wouldn't mind traveling by myself again. It was one of my most memorable trips, meeting up with them made those hours by myself at the airport worth it 😊💙
When traveling would you rather fly on an airplane alone or road trip with

Do you think you can be friends with someone who has different views and opinions from you?

Shannon678900’s Profile PhotoShannon
To a degree, yes, but it depends on what the opinion is and how they handle the difference of opinion. If the opinion is trivial I have no issues with it unless they are being pushy or aggressive about it, but if their opinion is dehumanising then nah

اركض حراً هكذا بلا أصدقاء أو قصة حُب أو أمل"

n950391b50f04485’s Profile PhotoA Wish
‎‏friends, love and hope give the life a meaning, you can say run free without them but this gives you the physical freedom!?
However, the truth freedom your soul needs lies with them ..

richard has no aspirations to travel or the ability to make much money. living with him would be so depressing. dont sign away your beautiful life for that mess. you deserve more

Well he did invest in his friend’s company and they’re going to get a pay out in April so he will be able to pay to fix his car then I guess

What makes you feel loved? 💘 😇

redoasis2017’s Profile Photo★ ☮ ♫ Tҽɳαƈισυʂ Tσɱɱαყ™ ▩ ♚ ☻
Simply that people show that they think about me and actively want to spend time with me. Friends who take the first step to plan game nights etc. are the best! I was often the one who organised meetups but it gets tiring in the end when you're the only one doing so. Of course, I still don't mind taking the initiative occasionally but it's always reassuring when friends do the same 😊
What makes you feel loved

Do you have days when you don't feel like socializing with people?

I have many of those days. 😂
I don't mind socialising in short bursts, but I get tired quickly. This is why I'm so nervous about my trip to Poland. We've booked with friends in an apartment and when my social battery runs out, there'll be nowhere to escape to!

Do you have days when you don't feel like socializing with people?

I have them more often than not due to being bullied for my weight or simply why I am the way I am when I was younger and always being seen as an outcast rather than feeling like I belong so I choose to have online friendships but struggle with them irl and also have anxiety in social settings too. I went to a social event a few days ago and was expecting people to be rude to me and/or blatantly being disrespectful but everyone minded their own business and I didn’t have to deal with coming up replies to possibly rude comments. But, I do feel the need to text people almost on a daily basis to keep in touch with others and feel free to express my thoughts/feelings since I’m still a human at the end of the day. I just wish I could find someone who actually wants me in their life and isn’t just tolerating/putting up with me temporarily and that’s really hard to find these days when making friends irl.

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What does a girl feel when her man says you shouldn't be friends with any male . Just keep it kam sey kam bas.

khubaib67’s Profile PhotoKhubaib Younas
Tbh girls like when their man gets a bit possessive about them but make sure it is not suffocating them, keep your relationship healthy and provide each other with space.

I have a crush on my best friends little sister. The feelings seem to be mutual but my friend has already accused me of creeping on her. Do I pursue it or forget it?

Be honest about your feelings and tell your friend that you’re serious about pursuing her if you really want to be with your friend’s little sister. If you aren’t serious, don’t bother saying anything and try to stay away from her so your friendship doesn’t come to an end over playing with her feelings/being a heartbreaker.

What's the origin of the Pine Tree nickname

I decided that in 8th grade, all the kids on my bus should stop bullying each other and should form a comraderie. As the most popular 8th grader on the bus, I started giving each kid a special "bus name" and it was just random fucking things like, placemat tupperware butterbean, noodle, etc. but then I asked them to name me and the name I got was Pinetree. So we called each other these special names at school when we saw each other in the hall. but it continued into high school too lol. then college. some friends still at age 44 call me Pinetree

What did uni life tought u?

MalikShahryarJamshaid’s Profile PhotoMalik Shahryar Jamshaid
I never saw so much rollercoaster in my life, the way I saw it during my uni life. Every semester was a unique one and served a different purpose in my life. Life became so beautiful yet so tough in this period.
1. First semester was the very new beginning of uni time. Everyone interacted with classfellows, got to know each other, was worried for marks and everyone seemed so freindly untill final exams came. Exams unfolded who is really a friend and who isn't.
2. Second semester was the time when I started enjoying "hostel life". I became careless in studies, used to do hangouts, met many snakes in uni world. I got to know the bitter reality of society and of uni, met few people who were sweet from outside but bitter from inside.
3. Third semester was the most beautiful and turning point of my life. I lived my life to the fullest and I wish that semester lasted a little longer. It was winter semester and winters are love. I did a lot of adventures which I never did before in my life. My hostel life moment was also at it's peak. I used to do late night drives, hangouts, adventures, thrills, watch movies, dance, attend events and wasted a lot of money. I also met two beautiful persons at this phase of my life. I can't ever forget this semester ever.
4. I am currently in Fourth semester and only 9 days have passed since I stepped into this semester but it seems like this semester is already troubling me alot. It's hurting me alot. Although I met beautiful real friends from my class, who are really sincere but some memories from my last semester haunt me and the thought of not rewinding those memories hurt me a lot. I have no idea how this semester is gonna go but untill now it's breaking me.

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Would you rather be 4x as smart as everyone in your friend group or have everyone in your friend group be 4x smarter than you?

David_Blanes’s Profile PhotoJluen
This is hard since being 4x as smart as those in my friend group would mean that we wouldn’t be on the same level mentally and would possibly have a hard time communicating but with everyone in my friend group being 4x smarter than me would mean that I could learn a lot from them and it would be alright with me to a certain extent but I don’t think we’d be close friends so I’m going to have to say that I’d rather have everyone in my friend group be 4x smarter than I am.

do you consider yourself popular?

Hmm. I know a lot of people. When I go out to my local bar, someone said it was like being out with the queen because I knew everybody. The thing is though... they're just people. I have no connection with most of them. I'm really quite the introvert and keep to myself. I'm shy and struggle with anxiety. Yes I know a lot of people and I may seem "popular" to others, but in reality I don't have that many friends.

Do you have friends at work who gossip about everyone and anything? Do you think they like each other and bond this way?

David_Blanes’s Profile PhotoJluen
A few years ago, a friend (that I used to go to school with in the past) and I used to gossip a lot and I did it mainly because she liked gossiping and not because I genuinely enjoyed it but I did go along with her nevertheless and thought that it would strengthen our bond. It didn’t do that since our friendship ended very quickly after she blocked me on a social media platform for doing something she didn’t like, which I don’t blame her for but I do think that she just didn’t have the maturity to deal with me at the time and I myself wasn’t that mature either. I don’t think those who ONLY gossip when they’re together actually like each other. I think they only bond over gossiping and that’s it. But, if two or a group of individuals have other things in common that they happen to talk about outside of gossiping then yes, perhaps gossiping might strengthen their toxic bond. I learned from experience that if a friend is more interested in what other individuals do rather than you, they’re probably not a real friend.

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Kuch bata he do yarr

Malaika_1010’s Profile Photoسنو!
how lonely nights are for those peoples who don't have any chat partners or friends to talk, to share unsaid feelings or pain..you just scroll facebook or watch random videos or listen deep music and enters to your own imaginary world and think about life,heartbreaks,career and family problems

*Space for picture you want to showcase* 📸

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I just wanted to take a second to appreciate the friends in my life who reach out wanting to make plans and don’t always follow through. I know there’s this culture of detaching from people because “if they wanted to, they would” but hey, I’m overwhelmed with life right now too and can’t always follow through with my own plans, so I get it. We’re just moving through a time in our lives that doesn’t allow much room for catching a breath, and if all we can manage is the honest expression of our intentions, that’s doing okay. I’ll still hang in there for a time when we can do more.
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What kind of student were you in high school (the quiet and awkward one, the “weird” one, the social one, etc.)?

I’m a bit of all of them to be fair. 😂 I just went through multiple stages.
The last years at high school were the best for me. I was quiet in class, focusing on the work, got most of my homework done during class so I had more freedom after school. I had good friends, so I was social too. I felt safe so I wasn’t afraid to show who I am. I could have been weird to some people, but I don’t care. 🤷🏼‍♀️😄

Have your friends ever unfollowed you on social media and do you believe that real friends would never unfollow you?

Yes, my ‘friends’ have unfollowed me on social media.
No, if they unfollow me, I don’t see them as a friend. They of course have all the rights to unfollow me, but it makes it seem to me that they don’t want to see my content and by not wanting to see my content, they don’t want to see me. Which to me feels like they’re not my friend.

nothing is genuine these days, u agree?

Yes, but I think it’s been that way for quite some time now. My so called friends unfollowed me on social media and this girl who called me her boo recently unfollowed me on Instagram too. It’s as if no matter what I do, people are determined to leave me yet when I talk to them, they act like they actually want me around. It looks like I don’t have many real friends and I’m the only one reaching out to people nowadays while others hardly ever reach out. I just wish people communicated with me more, rather than choosing to unfollow me when it’s convenient for them and acting like they’ll never see me again.

Jak minęły wakacje sylwestrowe? Cześć. =)

Jack22288’s Profile PhotoJack
PL: Siema! 😁
Sylwestra 2023 spędziłam u mojego przyjaciela w domu, imprezowaliśmy (czytaj: piliśmy wódkę do nieprzytomności i zgonowaliśmy).
Niczego nie żałuję. XD
ENG: Hiya! 😁
I spent New Year's Eve 2023 at my friend's house, we partied (read: we drank vodka until we passed out).
I regret nothing. 🤣

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