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وانا اعني بالحياة ان افعل الاشياء اللتي احب فعلها🤍

I can't understand :((

tell me a secret about yourself

I still like cartoons/kid shows! Not rlly a secret but I wouldn't exactly go around school saying it yk? ❤️

How do you find out if your finance is on here?

Idk but I kinda wanna keep track on this story tbh


Yeah but I don't rlly go out of my way for it cuz I know I'll get to eventually the right way 👍

Do you like sci-fi or fantasy in movies? 😀

I don't REALLY like both but fantasy if I had to choose!

Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you? 😊

I don't remember it rn but anything that reminds me that my time is limited here and to cherish it while I can ❤️

Men, I have a question for you, please answer. Do you find bigger girls attractive and what size is too big or too small depending? I'm curious and it won't hurt me to know.

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Lowkey wanna ses


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