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do you always wear the latest fashion trends? Would you consider yourself to be on the cutting edge of fashion

I just try to be decent as possible
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It's so weird to me when people say they grew up with, like, 7 siblings. Boy, where did all those people fit in? I am an only child, and I grew up in a 2-story, 7-bd, 6000 sq-ft house, and I still had moments where it felt cramped and like I was suffocating.

Lucky you i had 4 siblings
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Came in the door, checked in my coat, and who I'm looking for is staring in my face. Ohhh they played our song, we hit the floor, he held me strong and we danced the night awaaay💃🏻🕺🏻🌙✨

Get on the floor lala la la la

Is it just me, or music videos nowadays are too boring and lifeless compared to past decades'? All the MVs in the past had plot, action, drama; female singer catches her bf cheating on her and throws a cake in his face. They had a story. Artists don't even bother with music videos anymore.

True its All Ai now and just bold scenes no story no drama just rubbish

If you are engaging in casual small talk with someone, and they start making you uncomfortable by being invasive or inappropriate, how do you politely end the conversation? Do you address it directly, or do you choose to stop replying?

I just say it

Am I the only person who feels like the time from the pandemic onward has passed super quickly? Looking at old texts and photos from 2020 reminded me of that specific year, and made me think 'Damn, has it been 4 years already? these 4 years have passed inexplicably quickly

Same i donot even remember 2021 or 2022 it's like yesterday we were in covid and just got out of it
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Do you tend to take things personally or do you know when it's personal & when it's not? for example my friend was arguing with some woman and she said the woman in question "doesn't exist" b/c she has less than 500 followers on IG. That was the burn. I have less than 500. but I found that funny idk


Are you allowed to fly with pets? How do people who move bring their pets? I’ve never moved nor flew

I dont .i wont i cant i would never fly with pets

i feel like this is such a puerile "problem", but my favorite local nail creator said she'll not have this particular model available until march and i need them this saturday, because i want to wear this specific model on this wedding. would you offer to pay twice the amount? like idc,i want those.

Nah its just a wedding hunn why to pay more for just 2 hours event i mean doesnt make any sense instead give that money to a needy one
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