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Name your favourite food with its picture. Even if you’re foodie and you eat everything there must be something you always reach for or at-least think of when you order.

yasmeensyd’s Profile PhotoZahra Shah
Umm well, I love khaowsay. I don't have their picture in my phone. But yeah, it's gotta ke khaowsay for sure.

Are u a phoodie? I mean foodie

U know there is telephone sε× and texting where ppl imagine smth they can't have?
That's my relationship with delicious food. I can only imagine 🤣🤣🤣 I have to control my calories so...imaginary foodie, yeap

¿De qué película/serie te gusta su estética?

sorayasaad’s Profile PhotoSoraya
Joe, antes en Megadede tenía un millón de series y pelis para consultar cuando quisiera. Qué pena que lo quitaran todo, incluido eso :(
Algunas que se me vengan a la cabeza rápidamente: Foodie Love (serie), La vida de Adele (película), Olvidate de mí (película)...
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Quel est ton plat préféré ?

I love talking about food, lol. It is really a broad question that you ask though, so excuse the long post. I really adore Indian food in all its magnificent forms and variety, and will have to say it is my ultimate favourite (that is, if I have to pick a regional/country cuisine). Then, I also love Asian food, specifically Japanese, Chinese and South Korean dishes and recipes. I also have a soft spot for many Italian and German dishes, and there's no breakfast better than a full English one :D
Indian cuisine - varied and regional, all the different kinds of (what we call) "curries", stews, breads, pancakes. Dishes like Rogan Josh, Biryani, Vindaloo, Butter Chicken, Litti Chokha, Rajma Chawal, Dahi Vada, Pulao, Bhuna Ghosht, Korma, naan and roti, etc. Japanese cuisine - being very Western here, but I love good sushi and sashimi, miso soups and odun noodles. I also love Hayashi rice, onigiri, yakitori, omurice, kakuni, etc.
Chinese - so extremely varied and regional, but from ramen to different kinds of stir fries, dim sung, century eggs, hotpots, dishes like Kung Pao, Peking Duck, Dandan noodles, Mapo Tofu, braised pork belly and ribs, and of course the Westernised dishes of Chop Suey and Sweet & Sour pork. I think most of my favourite Chinese dishes are of Sichuan cuisine origin. Korean - these are some of my favourites: seaweed soup, Oritang soup or stew, Maeuntang fish soup, Kongnamulbap (rice with bean sprouts & pork), kimbap and Kimchi. Italy - all kinds of pasta, risottos, breads and pizzas, cured meats (hams, salami, sausages) and cheeses. Their desserts are also to die for i.e. gelato (ice cream), panna cotta, tiramisu, biscotti, etc. Germany - eisbein of course, and also dishes like rouladen, prinzregententorte, rippenbraten, schnüüsch, many of their sausages like bierwurst, blutwurst, leberkäse, bratwurst, mettwurst, etc. and several of their sour milk cheeses. Ok, I just love food, from all over the world. One of the most entertaining foodie programmes I've seen recently was Ainsley Eats the Streets, a different country's street food every episode. It's my Sunday morning ritual. I make hash browns, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushroom, onion, and a fried egg stacked on a plate with as much hot or iced tea as I care to have, while I catch up on my video games.

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I had Olive Garden for dinner tonight. I ordered chicken Alfredo and the salad with their amazing breadsticks. They were so delicious I went and had dinner with my dad who had angel hair pasta with meatballs and salad as well. Now I’m at home watching television with my family. Do you like s’mores?

Yum, we don't have Olive Garden here. I love hearing about the meals that people have, I'm a massive foodie haha. I like smores but I'm not much of a sweet tooth believe it or not. I prefer savoury :)

I thought that you were making a Halloween choice however; I got to looking again and the other was of you. Forgive me. I like them both. I wasn't being mean. See ya'.

Alicia861’s Profile PhotoAlicia + Jenni
Thank you! Your page is highly aesthetically pleasing. The Halloween looking pic is my HANGRY face. Give this foodie food and nobody gets hurt! Ha Ha!

Uff allah Ap wahin parh leti kabhi kabhi kitna pareshan hoti hongi , apke dada dadi ki aesi umar nahi hogi , kon munpasand khanay bana kar deta hoga.

nhi nhi im way too happy to be in lahore aisa kuch nhi😂 i live with my nana nani plus my mamo and their kids too so its v fun
aur khano ki baat tu my mamo mami r way too foodie tu almost roz bahir se khate ham ;) subah frnds sath uni se restaurants jate and raat ko fam sath plus my nano cooks really delicious food
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Fair enough. Haha But food. That's the only reason I'm struggling between taste and smell. Not much of a foodie or anything but the thought of not tasting some of my favorites kinda sucks. But also,scented candles. Rip.

briceicebaby’s Profile PhotoBrice
Fair and valid point. Personal preference, I suppose. Oils every time.
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Me gustaría que me recomendaras una serie de Netflix, HBO o Amazon Prime Video para poder ver durante estos días. Muchas gracias ?

albaask98’s Profile PhotoUna noche más ☆
De HBO: Foodie Love (a mí me gusta mucho aunque me pone muy nostálgica, pero merece mucho la pena) y The Outsider (una adaptación de Stephen King, te puedes imaginar el rollo que tiene).
De Netflix: Ayer me termine un reality que se llama The Circle, que me resultó muy entretenido. 100 humans también debe ser interesante, trata de experimentos y demás. Love Death and Robots es buena.
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Pros and cons of dating you? #STAIF

sudipto_777’s Profile PhotoSudipto
1. I'll never judge you so you share absolutely anything with me. 🤞😌
2. I do some sketching so you might get a sketch of your own 😁😁
3. I'm a little creative so you might get wonderful birthday surprises ❤️
4. I cook... 😋😋
5. I'm a little clingy (once I get comfortable) so there will be tons of cuddles ❤️😋🥰🥰
1. I'm a foodie... So you might not get the last slice of pizza 😜🍕
2. I just look simple but I'm very complicated... Sometimes even I don't know what's going on in my mind 💭
3. I don't talk much 🤐😅

what? aisa sirf tabhi hota hai jab mere paas krne k liye kuch na ho otherwise study mn jab busy hoti hn toh khane ka hosh bhi nhi hota? foodie toh hun but bhuki nhi :D :P

AloofLioness’s Profile PhotoJεssιcα Dүян ★
Lol it's normal. Sb ky sath hota ESA mjy to khud be tukay time bhook lgti 😂
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Tbh. Your profile is interesting af. Your diplays are bawwwmb. And your answers are raw af?. Bio to yaaar?? gonna chori it soon. Or sab choro your account name sound yum *a damn foodie here*. sorry for the late tbh as you deactivated your acc. Keep rocking?

Issafrizzysquirrel’s Profile PhotoFalak Faseeh
That's much appreciated Falak ♥️?❤️ you jdk u literally cheered me up
Thanks ?
Ps. I'm a die hard fan of your CURLS ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Damn they suit yaa mate ??

You can't just stop there on architecture. HOW CAN YOU FORGET THE FOOD OF LAHORE? khabay? Lahore is known for its food and foodie people. ❤️

ChMustafaHashim’s Profile Photohashim.
I didn’t stop 😂 i mentioned architecture and all. And obviously FOOD IS THE BEST THERE . No arguments on that. Best food, best everything except traffic condition 😂
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Omg, thank you! That’s really helpful, I’m really excited to go! I’ll definitely have a look at your recommendations. I’ve been to Kyoto, Tokyo, Sapporo and Okinawa. But Osaka has always been a missed opportunity! Is there specific foodie places as well?

You're very welcome! Anytime! ^_^ .. Awesome! I love Japan and I so cannot wait to move back there in time! ^_^ .. You will probably love Osaka! On that note, I am so very sorry for the late reply! I've been really busy today due to studying and due to a few other things or I'd have replied back a lot sooner!!! OKi places to eat in Osaka, well you've got tons of places tourists love to go but if you want my personal opinion, these places are overrated and way, way over priced! Your best bet is to ask locals where they'd recommend as there's lots of hidden gems in and around Osaka but some of my personal favourites as I prefer the hidden gems / local places that tourists always seem to be unaware of and pass right past them! .. (That's there mistake!) .. If you like Japanese curry then Curry Yakumido is pretty nice erm then there's lots of places that I really like, like Ippudo Umeda, Kimukatsu, Ajinoya, Tokumasa Udon Morinomiya, Hanamaruken Namba Hozenji, Gyozaoh Dotonbori, Slices, Matsuya Imazato, Gyuichi honten (Korean BBQ place that I like!), Suki (which is mostly unknown and is in the Ikuno Ward!), Sukiya, Izakaya Toyo and tons more ugh I'd literally be here all day adding stuff as there's a lot of places that I love to go with my friends, little sister and other family members whenever I'm in Osaka.. I've got to add here though that try the street food as that's amazing, don't miss it out as there's lots and I mean lots of different vendors selling there freshly prepared food there and then... Also there's more common places with a quick bite like Mosburger, Family Mart, 7Eleven and lots of other places... Here's a video which might help you as this guy is really cool, I haven't met him yet but then again I haven't been in Osaka for a while but I'll probably run into him at some point and time when I'm back there!!!! xDDD .. I plan to make some YouTube videos myself when I am back in Osaka! ^_^ .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9To5UjWhUAdraconianlord’s Video 154239489259 F9To5UjWhUAdraconianlord’s Video 154239489259 F9To5UjWhUA a video by another YouTuber as I'm a YouTuber myself so I always like to promote other YouTubers so check this out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tndpSS43nw8draconianlord’s Video 154239489259 tndpSS43nw8draconianlord’s Video 154239489259 tndpSS43nw8 .. ^_^ .. Also, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne2nafcJvrYdraconianlord’s Video 154239489259 ne2nafcJvrYdraconianlord’s Video 154239489259 ne2nafcJvrY , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_4BZ0ykytkdraconianlord’s Video 154239489259 b_4BZ0ykytkdraconianlord’s Video 154239489259 b_4BZ0ykytk , I love the street food and have got some friends who have stalls heh ^_^ ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieVgPQqxTuYdraconianlord’s Video 154239489259 ieVgPQqxTuYdraconianlord’s Video 154239489259 ieVgPQqxTuY .. One more video or again I'll be here all day!!! >__<" .. Dotonbori is by the way, one of the best places within Osaka to go for food as it's amazing and it has a lot of amazing things like toy shops, clothing shops, Oh don't forget the Vending machines as the vending machines are a amazing and so, useful, but if you've been to Japan already then you'll know what there like! ^_^ .. One more video best I love Kuromon Market!!!! 💗 ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LP6B3tZ4qiodraconianlord’s Video 154239489259 LP6B3tZ4qiodraconianlord’s Video 154239489259 LP6B3tZ4qio ... Anyway I hope that you have an amazing time while you're in Osaka!!! If you want to know anything else then please feel free to ask! ^_^

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If I were on vacation in your country, which place shouldn't I miss? Post a picture or tell me something. Ty. 🌹

zvguelte686’s Profile Photorainbow
• Delhi has a Rich variety of monuments and Social hubs street food is the best if you're a Foodie ( Punjab(Amritsar*) for its Golden Temple n (Uttar pradesh(Agra*) for Taj Mahal ).
• Rajasthan is a state of Forts n Deserts, the place is famous for It's history, Royalty n about Kings.
• Jammu n Kashmir the Known Heaven on Earth
• Mumbai for it's Night life, Shopping experience, Coastal lines n Variety of local Food
• Goa if you're a Party Freak, Beach Lover n fond of churches
• the Entire South n South east for it's Temples, Natural landscapes, Greenery, Culture, Discipline. 🌸
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Im less of a foodie but when I eatmy mom stares at me like "hon you going to hibernate the restof the year?" I LOVE milkshakes ESPECIALLY strawberry and mango and nuts and datez and sweet desserts like pudding and cake Hehe I also like chocolate but you know gonna stop before ask deletsy my messag

Hahahaha wao 🤣oh really that's cooool ... I also like milkshakes lol
No don't stop eating chocolate 😂 it's gud for health u'll get fat n fat 🤣🤣🤣
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