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i'm a final year student of bachelor degree,last semester now. i feel like quitting, it's hard, I have no one to rely to. doing fyp make me lost, I hate my fyp so much, talking abt it make me sad, want to vomit. i want to start over... which will cause me to extend sem (add 1 more year).. advice pls

Why do u want to depend on someone firstly?

In your opinion, what qualities do you think a perfect person should have? I don't want answers like 'none is perfect blah blah'. I want to know about your theory and what is it like according to you !!

Syedanoora_12’s Profile PhotoNoor
Mutual desire to stay and make things work is what results in everything work out for you!
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How would you like to spend your weekend in winters🤔?

I would like to spend the entire winter season way too quickly.
Jldi end kro bhai ye sardi 😐

انسان تھک جاتا ہے ، جب____؟

Yaaڑ kyu tng kڑti ho aesy sawaal pooch k.
Thak gya hn vro, yaad ni kڑao mujy 😮‍💨🥺

Agr kese ny koi bh bura bolna hn mere baray main itni himet hn to untick kr ky bhonka kro ku darpoko k trha chup kr war krte ho darty o to acha hn Ek larki hn thk hn kro abuse ku ky apki mothers ny yh to trbyt ki hn Jo ap sb show krte hn Bhtr yhi hn tm sb ask fm walo k lye mjhse dor h rha kro 🙏

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Ye ladies hain in ko koi na tng kry, tmaam bradraan-e-azeez sy darkhwaast ki jaati hai!
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