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sirenic’s Profile Photo• . ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞AͨNͧGͭEͤL
You might have noticed from my absence, but I've let go of ASKfm. I felt that I was investing too much time into it, more time than this platform really deserved for the fact that it's such a mess. I wasn't able to enjoy it like I used to. It started feeling less like a hobby, an more like a chore, especially with the VIP "challenges" that I'd have to do. The less I wanted to use this app, the more the "challenges" would really challenge my nerves.
Since spending less time on my phone, I've found a lot of happiness in my life. I'm being more social with my friends, I'm making plans on things to do in my life, and I'm making meaningful memories out of every day. I'm not really active much online right now, except for my Tumblr where I'll be posting things that fuel my happiness. If you want to keep on following me or (this mainly goes out to people whom I also follow or interacted with a lot) — 💗my Tumblr is 🌸@kissue!🌸
Thank you to the few decent people who made being on here less of a harrowing experience. It's for you guys that I stayed around here so long. But it's time for me to shift this app out of focus, and move on with my life. Perhaps I'll come on and post sometimes, maybe a poll or a couple of answers if I feel like writing sometimes. For the time being though, this is mostly goodbye.

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You might have noticed from my absence but Ive let go of ASKfm I felt that I

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How to Deal With Loving Someone You Can't Have?

vickymelwana’s Profile PhotoWaqas Melwana
You distance yourself and move on. People aren't objects that we can obtain, and their choices on who they date are their own to make. You only have two choices:
If you can't set aside your feelings and still be friends with them at the same time, then the only right thing to do is calmly separate / distance yourself and move on with your life.
How to Deal With Loving Someone You Cant Have
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would you rather your favorite show to have a bad ending or be canceled on a cliff hanger?

I'd much rather a show has a bad ending. I've had plenty of really good shows canceled on a cliffhanger, and it's honestly the ⋆WORST⋆!
would you rather your favorite show to have a bad ending or be canceled on a
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Why do some people drain your energy ??

Grac3fulBella86’s Profile PhotoJaiBella
Not sure! There's a lot of depending factors at play. A couple of examples would be how much social activity you can take before you're drained, or how socially active the person(s) you're around are.
In my personal experience, I get drained after being out with any kind of people for extended periods. Long periods (hours undivided) of social activity wear me out. It usually has nothing to do with the person, it's just how I operate. I simply get super tired after being social for a while. And heck, I even get tired just from being in places *around* people for too long. I'm not sure where these side effects stem from, truthfully.
Why do some people drain your energy
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Have you ever had to deal with chafing? Do you do anything to prevent it from happening? 💢

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I've had to deal with chafing back when I worked at an outdoor park in the summer. Here's what I did:
* Wash the area gently, with a natural soap. It's important to avoid soaps with irritants like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). It's actually in most soaps, both in body wash and shampoo. Avoid it if you have irritated and broken skin, as this has a tendency to commonly agitate and dry out skin!
— If you have a hard time finding natural soaps on your own, see if there's a Target in your area. Target has sorting options that lets you sort by "clean" (chemical free and natural) bath products. That's how I find all of my soaps, since I have sensitive skin.
* Pat and press the affected area dry, do NOT rub dry! Rubbing and scratching of the affected area will cause it to worsen, and possibly even spread further! Press and pat it dry after you wash in order to gently remove moisture. Let it breathe for a bit after.
* Use an ointment or topical medicine and apply it gently to the area. I've had success using Vaseline or Aquaphor (Aquaphor is REALLY GOOD), but if you find these unhelpful try a diaper rash ointment (like diaper rash zinc cream). Creams and medicines are especially helpful for overnight healing, so DON'T SKIP OUT ON OVERNIGHT CARE!!
* Wear loose clothing, throughout healing and in order to prevent future incidents. Wearing more breathable clothes when it's hot out will help your skin heal, and prevent future complications.
* If you find that gel ointments are a little too greasy / wet for outdoor and daytime activities, try adding baby powder or cornstarch to the area. Both of them help absorb moisture. You could either use the ointment and then one of these, OR you could use it alone if you find the combination uncomfortable.

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Have you ever had to deal with chafing Do you do anything to prevent it from
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Ever had a Male stalker who is all about drama on social media and you don’t even know him always trying to get your attention one way or another?

I've had a lot of stalkers, half online and half in real life. A few of them loved causing drama online, to the point where they'd send their friends to follow me on my social medias.
Why do you ask? Are you dealing with this situation right now? If so, I hope you're staying safe!
Ever had a Male stalker who is all about drama on social media and you dont even

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Do you love autumn?

I do, I do! Most especially in its early stages — there's a gentle chill in the air, the leaves are starting to turn a vivid array of colors, and it's time to start bringing out cute sweaters! And I can't forget about how cozy drinking hot tea becomes when it's chilly out. 🍵💞
Do you love autumn


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