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I often worry about not having children, it's so difficult to find someone I know I'd be a great husband too

Why? If you're that desperate for children you can always foster or adopt.

do you think it's acceptable if the person you are seeing has a female best friend who is lesbian and took them out for lunch at an expensive restaurant.


When did you first feel like an adult?

17, when my family moved interstate and I had to fend for myself.

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When I told my fwb I knew he didn't have feelings for me he said don't you even go there. Does it mean he does have feelings for me?

No, it doesn't.

Nice work, well Lauren wants to join the army forensics core, although the Tassie Police have offered her a placement too. If you ask me she will be still be at school when she is 50 🙄😂

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That would be very cool! As far as I know, it can be a tricky field to get a job in as there aren't that many available outside of Sydney and Melbourne. Good on her! Hahaha surely she wants to have a life someday? A house, disposable income, travel, etc?
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Hi again, I totally understand, my sis did a masters in Forensic Science and is now doing a PhD, she has been at “school” for all but 3-1/2 years of her life and yes it’s not cheap is it 🙁 Good luck with yours Laura, will you finish before the big 30? ☺️

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Oh nice! What does she want to work as at the end of it? My degree will be 6 years once I'm finished, and I did a few years in other degrees prior to that. I actually don't even know what my debt is anymore. Scarily high, I assume 😂 but I actually mean just being able to afford to live. Not easy trying to squeeze in work around study. Luckily for me I have long service leave which will help a little during placements. Unfortunately not, I'll be 30 when I finish my degree.

Hi Laura, it’s probably too early to say but will you go for a PhD after your masters? 📚

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Hey there! It's not too early at all 😊 no, I've spent far too many years at uni already, and still 2 years to go to complete my Master's. I'm only doing a Master's because I need it to register and practice as a physio 😊 I couldn't afford to be a career student haha I'm barely getting by as it is.
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How many litres of water do you drink on average per day? How do you replenish the minerals in your body that you are expelling due to drinking lots ?

Most days I'd say 2-2.5L. I don't do anything specific to replenish minerals, I trust that my dietary intake is sufficient.
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