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Did you do any sports or activities as a child?

eyehavebadgas9’s Profile PhotoGO KNIGHTS GO!
I did various martial arts, rounders (kind of like the English version of baseball), tennis, and a few different kinds of dance classes before realising I wasn't much of a dancer 😂 Also did a few different musical instrument lessons, but again not for long as I didn't have much talent.

Giorgia ma hai visto Sinner????🤩

collegata dalle 9:30, è inutile è una promessa del tennis quel ragazzo, sta sicuramente contribuendo a portare l'Italia in cima, ha un grandissimo talento e la cosa che mi piace di più di lui è che, essendo giovane, sia molto umile.
ha una brillante carriera davanti a sé (io ho pianto quando ho realizzato avesse vinto ahaah).

Por qué los hombres más guapos de México son de Sinaloa y Sonora, y el resto parecen aztecas

? Hoy no tuve tiempo 😚 mañana será último día .la pregunta 👌Hombre bello nivel México o latino ? Son los que más quedan en videos gore 🔥si casi todos usan gorra en la noche, playera ,pulsera , tennis ,son chaparros, marranos ,cabello de indio pulsera etc y les gustas las putillas y hasta se creen por eso 👌mostrare cosas pero no de debe de arder , los únicos buenos son los Jaliscos no como los del norte que ellos mismos lo dicen que son ellos mismos, ya parecen los sudacas y las ciudades del norte casi todas son horribles ,si en mi estado que se llena de hombres de 🇩🇪🇺🇸🇷🇺 y otros nisiquera se creen ,
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¿Te gustan los tatuajes?

Mi piel si es bonita jamás me haría eso , aparte los hombres que tienen tatuajes puros de la vrg , mañana de los único de los únicos días que dejan de vestirse como npc, la mayoría playera ,gorra en la noche, tennis ,pulsera chafas , lo que más da risa aparte que tienen cabello de indio se peina como Benito Juárez 🤢la mayoría del norte es eso ! Por eso puras matanza en esas ciudades ejemplo hoy 🔥 los Jaliscos celebran quemando ciudades ,pueblos y personas 😌👌
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What's your favourite day of the week.

dawn1975’s Profile Photodawn1975
Probably Fridays, when I play table tennis at a local club in the afternoon, and in the evening I chat online to my group of (physically) distant friends, which we've been doing every Friday since the first COVID lockdown. It started because some of my friends lived alone and had to isolate for health reasons, and so the rest of us organised a regular weekly Zoom meeting where we all basically pretend that we're in the pub, and we're still doing it.

Che programmi hai oggi?

Tipo pomeriggio da maschio italiano medio: davanti alla tv a vedere lo sport (alla voce "calcio" sostituire con "tennis") e poco altro, visto che non sto ancora molto bene.
Tutto ciò sempre che mio marito non mi avveleni, visto che si è messo in testa di cucinare oggi 👀

What are 10 (or 5) interesting facts about you?

I always find these hard! I honestly don’t have much to say, but I’ll try and stretch it to near 10, at least 😆
• I’m naturally ambidextrous, but it’s been ‘corrected’ over the years through school and sport, so I’m mostly right hand and left leg dominant now.
• I played tennis for 8 years religiously, with having individual and group coaching.
• I nearly had an artwork of mine shown at the Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiere in LA, but it got scrapped at the last minute as I’m not American 😆
• I have a bachelors degree in costume design for theatre and film, and a masters degree in fine art. 👩🏼‍🎨
• Prior to studying those, I did a foundation diploma in performance design and practice at Central Saint Martins; one of the most prestigious art campuses in the world. My degrees are from the same uni, they were just at different campuses.
• My earliest memory is standing on a beach in the evening, in South Africa. The colours have always stuck with me; the sky was a beautiful myriad of lilac, pink and blues. 🌅🌊✨
• I’m a huge dog lover, and I currently have two doggos, Teddy and Woody. I’ve always grown up with dogs as well. 🐾
• I’ve worked at fairly well known shows within London, such as the Chelsea Flower shows and at Hampton Court Palace. 🌿
• I haven’t practiced in a very long time, but I can play the piano, as my mum taught me as a child. I briefly learnt the clarinet for a couple of years, but it wasn’t really my jam! 🎶
• My long term goal and dream is to be an artist full time, or at least, be able to support myself predominantly through my art, and be able to cut back hours on a part time job alongside. I’d love to have my own art studio and dedicated space to paint 🎨✨

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DARE - dare to tell me 10 facts about you that no one knows!

1. I can play the piano.
2. I worked as a waitress at a cafe.
3. I had a grasshopper as a pet.
4. I don't like chocolate or sweets.
5. I'm friends with people all over the world.
6. I'm an equestrian.
7. I was a ballerina back in my pre-primary school days.
8. I was a keen district-level tennis player back in my school days.
9. I got food poisoning when I visited McDonald's in Thailand back in September 2021.
10. I hate it when people ask me for my personal phone number.

How much were you involved in sports at school?

I was mostly involved with sports outside of school, as I was part of a tennis club for eight years, with solo and class coaching. School wise, I didn’t do any extra curricular sports, but I did take physical education as a GCSE, which was basically sports science/biology with a bit of actual physical sport thrown in alongside the theory :)

What are some of the most visually stunning pieces of media you've experienced? Like movies, shows, video games etc.? 🤩📺🎮

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I bought a few months ago an Oculus VR glasses from Meta. There I have experiences with playing tennis 🎾 minigolf 🏌️‍♀️ or table tennis 🏓 but also with an app where you can walking in the rooms in them Anne Frank and her family lived in Amsterdam. Other special is Normal / Super 8 films from the old camera from my grandfather which I‘m digitized 📀.

Tell me how your month has been so far? Even if it's been bad or good, I want to know 💖

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I've had a busy month. I've been to:
2 National Trust properties (Nymans and Waddesden)
2 West End theatre performances (Anything Goes & Dear Evan Hansen)
Sat in the gallery for Prime Minister's Question Time
Had 4 days in Blackburn/Manchester staying with friends and doing 2 gigs
Done 3 other gigs in London & Aylesbury and booked a ticket for ABBA Voyage.
Watched Elvis in the cinema
Made a barrel of beer and a gallon of wine
Played Bridge and Table Tennis multiple times
Installed a satellite dish, built and varnished a plinth for a record player, replaced the power supply in a TiVo hard disc recorder, mended a clock, and made and painted a wooden herb garden out of an old pallett.
Had my electricity meter changed for a smart meter and booked my gas meter in for Monday.
Wore a full head to toe bee keeper's outfit when my friend showed me his hives. He gave me some honey and six different coloured eggs from his hens (see photo, the six colours are more obvious in real life)
Before the month is finished I will go to a day of public science lectures at my old university, see Graham Norton being filmed in BBC TV Centre, and meet a load of friends at another gig.

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Tell me how your month has been so far Even if its been bad or good I want to

What sport do you practice?

I don't :)
I do go and do things like tennis and stuff, but it's rare! It's only when both myself and my best friend have time off! And the weather is decent... which is rarely is when we meet up xD
What sport do you practice
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what topic you can talk about for 60 minutes without any preparation?

ashkhannn’s Profile PhotoAysha Yusufzai
My favourite tv shows.
I.e why is "Lost" the greatest tv show ever, why is "Supernatural" my love, why is vikings a classic show, why i like mentalist & dexter.
& Also about sport.
I.e why is Nick kyrgios the greatest natural talent of tennis & one of the most entertaining tennis athlete, why is david miller very underrated no 6 batsmen.

What sports do you play?

Only one I was good at and still play is Racquetball. Was introduced to the game when I was in High School. Fast faced, requires good reflex's, good cardio, you don't have to go chasing after a ball like you do in tennis and just really enjoy the game (whether single, cutthroat (3 players) or doubles).
When I was in middle school, played soccer in some league play. Played High School Football.Played a lot of pick-u basketball games, played touchfootball on the streets (tackle in the grass), played some tennis, some golf as an adult etc. While I generally had fun with all of them, never had the impact - enjoyment of racquetball. I've played a lot of different sports in my life, and so many of them either attract assholes with something to prove, or they devolve into bickering about the rules. Curling is one of the few sports I've found where people remain courteous, just want to have fun, and don't turn into hypercompetitive pricks over something that literally doesn't matter.
Hockey. I grew up around it as my dad was a coach for a local junior team. I also just fell in love with the speed, the rough and tumble way it can be played. I got to travel to cool places, and lucky enough as a teen to be good enough to play a high-ish level in the the US for a season.
Used to play a lot of cricket. Didn’t pick it up until I was 7 and my cricketer step-dad said I had decent hand eye coordination when catching, and it kinda went from there. Couldn’t get my head around the field position names (apart from silly mid off cos I always used to get put there), but enjoyed playing it and found it quite a good opportunity to hang out and get to know my stepdad over the years.
Just to clarify, I spent a lot of time with my real dad, too, but my time with him was spent going to a lot of football matches rather than playing, but they are also some of my fondest childhood memories. Would say I’ve been really lucky in that respect, so I’m grateful.
I am a huge fan of the big 4 sports. My favorites are the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins & Patriots. College I like Notre Dame and don't care about college basketball too much. I usually don't watch sports unless my favorite team is playing, or it's a marquee matchup. I always watch the Super Bowl, whether the Pats are in it or not. This is going to be the first year in a couple years where I've actually got a huge interest in watching all (potential) 7 games of the NBA Finals, because Golden State vs Cleveland is going to be a rubber match and it will be so competitive that I don't even have a clue who will win. GS vs Cleveland for the third straight year makes it a trilogy, and it has made it's mark in the history books. I like watching MMA from time to time as well. I'm a huge McGregor fan (Irish pride!), and Joe Lauzon. Two favorite fighters, by far. Occasionally I watch professional wrestling.

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Is there a hobby or interest that you've always wanted to get into but haven't? Or one that you used to do but don't now?

DovahMonah’s Profile PhotoDovahMonah
I've always wanted to get into playing tennis! I don't know why, since I don't watch it or have any interest in it. I just think it looks fun and would be a good way to keep fit! As for a hobby I used to have, I'd say gaming. I have a PS4 and a Nintendo Switch, but I just lost all motivation and passion for gaming. When my depression hit hard, I completely stopped using my devices and I've struggled to pick them back up. I'm hoping I will get back into my hobby soon as I do miss it, but it's just so hard to feel motivated. ☹️

Buen día 😊, cuáles son sus colores favoritos para vestir?

emiliousuriaga’s Profile PhotoEmilio Usuriaga
Emilio, hola 🙋🏻‍♀️
Espero que te encuentres de maravilla, ¡qué bueno volverte a ver! 😊
Mis preferencias son las siguientes:
° Tennis: Blanco
° Pantalones, licras y leggins: negro y azul indigo.
° Camisetas y blusas: rojo, negro y azul eléctrico.
° Chalecos, blazers, cardigans y abrigos: negro y rojo.
Cuídate mucho, saludos. 🌹🙆🏻‍♀️
Buen día  cuáles son sus colores favoritos para vestir

Does it bother you when couples are lovey-dovey in public? Is there a limit to how much pda people should show?

I mean, do whatever makes you happy but I personally have a limit and I wouldn’t be playing tonsil tennis for the whole street to see 🤣
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Hola hola, buenas tardes/noches apreciado usuario. ¿Juegas o jugabas algún deporte? Cuéntame una anécdota que tengas de ello. Si no la tienes, puedes usarlo como espacio libre. 🌸

Wandi12’s Profile PhotoWan
He jugado muchos de manera amistosa y solo por diversión.
Me ha gustado el soccer de playa, Canotaje, tennis, basquetbol, Ping pong, squash, americano, baseball, voleibol y hasta bádminton.
Hola hola buenas tardesnoches apreciado usuario Juegas o jugabas algún deporte

دكتور لو سمحت انا كان جالي tennis elbowمن سنة ونص وكدا وخف والالم رجع تاني بس فيه جزء أد حباية اللوبيا كدا فيه bruises متخبطش ولا حاجه دا ممكن يكون ايه

في الغالب مش بيكون في bruises مع ال tennis elbow بس ممكن يكون معاه partial tear هو اللي عمل كدا او اتخبطت و ما اخدتش بالك
بتشتغل اي ؟! و الالم خف المره اللي فاتت بعلاج بس و لا علاج طبيعي و لا اي اللي حصل ؟

Od czego proponujesz rozpoczęcie muzycznej przygody z nimi? Od jakich piosenek?

🔸Z pewnością jako pierwszą piosenkę poleciłabym Wannabe, dzięki której dziewczyny zyskały międzynarodowy rozgłos, sam przekaz utworu jest też godny polecenia oraz Mafia In The Morning, dzięki której wiele osób poznało ITZY. Poza tym Voltage, SHOOT oraz debiutancką piosenkę Dalla Dalla. Natomiast jeśli ktoś woli wolniejsze piosenki to poleciłabym MIDZY, Mirror, Surf, Tennis (0:0) oraz Be In Love. 🤍
Od czego proponujesz rozpoczęcie muzycznej przygody z nimi Od jakich piosenek

Tell me 5 intresting facts about yourself

Aha well I’ll try, I can’t promise any of it will be interesting!
~ I studied at uni for six years, and I have a BA in Costume Design for Theatre and Screen, and a Masters in Fine Art.
~ I once had a piece of artwork selected to be shown digitally at the LA premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi (ultimately it didn’t in the end, as they only wanted to show American artists 🙈)
~ I had individual and team coaching lessons of tennis every week religiously for 8 years, from ages 8-16.
~ My day jobs are currently being a graphic designer and a barista, to help supplement my art.
~ I have two wonderful doggos, Cody who is 14 (a collie/springer spaniel mix) and Teddy who is 2 (a cocker spaniel) 🐶✨
Tell me 5 intresting facts about yourself

Did you enjoy your adolescence?

Yes and no. There were many positives and some hard events. I was blessed that my family never struggled financially and I never went hungry or thirsty. I had a nice best friend when I was younger. I tried out different sports like tennis, track, soccer, and did dance. Since I'm an only child, my mother and I have always been close. During my adolescence, I struggled with deep feelings of inferiority and depression. I had a hard time making friends as I always felt older than I was and never fit in. I struggled with my relationship with my father. I got severely bullied in high school, and often ate lunch alone in the bathroom or library. I lost twenty pounds during high school due to not eating much, which worried my doctor, and they thought I had an eating disorder which I didn't. I started having panic attacks when I was eight or nine, and my anxiety got worse during high school. The experience of being bullied both in high school and by my father made me realize the importance of standing up for myself and ignited my passion in trying to stop bullying. During that time, my mother disclosed to me that she wished she could divorce my father, but she couldn't as he would stalk us and never let us go. It made me quite sad. I also became more self sufficient during that time and learned grit and perseverance. With not having many friends, I focused on my grades and got into a good college on a generous scholarship. It was a hodgepodge of good and bad, which made me the person I am today. While writing this post, I acknowledge that I'm very blessed and people have it much worse.

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Will you now have a different attitude towards Russian people in your country?

No? Why should I when they aren't the problem. Putin is the problem and people don't want this including russian citizens.
It showed famous russian tennis players writing on cameras how they didn't want this.
So no I won't have a different attitude towards people who are innocent.

What's the longest queue you've ever been in? 😐⌚️

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I sometimes queue to get into Wimbledon to see the tennis on day 2 or 3 at the end of June. I queue for a ground pass, which gets you into all of the minor outside courts with unreserved seating. I get there as early as I can in the morning, which is around 6.15am because of my earliest train times, but by that point I am usually around number 4000 in the queue (you are given a numbered ticket so people can't push in or reserve places for other people). A lot of people queue overnight, or even days in advance if they want a seat on one of the main show courts. The doors open at 11am, but I don't normally get into the ground until about 12.30pm, so over 6 hours of queuing. Most of that time is spent sitting on the grass in Wimbledon park, where there are toilets and burger vans etc, so it's not too bad if you take something to read to pass the time. Once inside the ground you then have to queue for a vacant seat on your chosen court, but that's rarely more than 10 minutes as the turnover of seats is quite quick unless a British player is on that court.

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Are you good at bowling? 🎳

LunarHuntress’s Profile PhotoYentl (Only Dutch And English)
I’m not too bad - it’s not often I get a strike, but I usually end up managing to hit about 70% of the skittles in one go, if I’m lucky! It’s probably old habits from tennis, as I always seem to throw with topspin, so it’ll curve right at the very last minute 🙈
It’s fun to play with others, it’s just a shame it’s often so expensive aha!
Are you good at bowling

Com’è un giorno perfetto secondo te?

Deheheheh’s Profile PhotoEloquence
Nel mio giorno ideale mi sveglio riposata e carica, faccio la mia colazione preferita a letto, ho una bella giornata lavorativa, senza sbatti, senza pazienti odiosi o, peggio, pazienti a cui sono affezionata che muoiono.
C'è tempo per tutte le cose che amo: per i miei bambini, per del tempo di qualità con mio marito, per la musica, per il tennis, per un calice di vino, per dell'ottimo sess0, per una passeggiata lungo il mare, per leggere qualche pagina di un buon libro prima di andare a dormire.
È consentito immaginare una giornata che duri 36 ore, no?

Have you ever played Wii Sports? Which of the sports did you think was the most fun and why? Were you any good at the game in general? 🎾⚾️🎳⛳🥊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
First time trying Wii Tennis I CRIED because I couldn’t do it. Later on after practicing I got better. Tennis 🎾 is probably my favorite, after is baseball ⚾️ and bowling 🎳
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Evening Gilbert, hope you’re having a good Saturday night ☺️ Just thought I’d share with you, that the linen on my bed tonight is fresh, crisp, cozy, sun ☀️ dried, Egyptian cotton ✨🌙 and I can confirm it’s, fantastic 😂

Shithappensrightxo’s Profile PhotoJ
lmao, I’m watching the tennis but ya gotta admit linen that sweet sounding really needs to be shared doesn’t it? Some things are worth catching Covid for 😂💞🤗

¿Que ha sido lo que actualmente se te ha perdido ?

Liz_70701’s Profile PhotoIg:lizz_340
Una cajita en dónde tengo jueguetes de kinder sorpresa y boletos del cine 🥺🥺😭😭 mi cajita debe de estar por ahí pasando fríos 🥺🥺 en algún lugar triste de mi casa 😭🥺 así que espero encontrarla pronto
También había perdido un tennis 😅😅 pero ese ya lo encontré 😂😂
✨Que tengas bonita noche ✨

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