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Do you have Snapchat?

i haven’t used it in forever, I would delete the account honestly but I got too many pics on there 🤣
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Do you ever find yourself deliberately being delusional?

yes in fact I am highly self aware, I know when I’m being delusional I’m just psychotic 😘
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Did you have an obsession with baby bok choy because of the fact that you can't have a baby bok choy for yourself? 🤭

I didn’t know I had a thing for baby bok choy… until now 😏🥬
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Is it fair to check out the guy’s net worth before dating him and vice versa?

doesn’t matter when prenups exist 💀
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How much "non screen time" do you have a day?

my daily screen time is usually around 10 hours but i swear it feels much more than that 😃
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