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A message to girls and boys who love those girls who like to put their pix on social accounts,i am not a hater here!i just want you guys to tell me will you marry a girl who uploads her pix!everyone sees her beauty,which is deserved actually by only one!Deep necks and overly makeup,marry her......?

Bhai aap logo ka kuch nhi hoskta :/ Mtlb kuch bhi ??? sara din pornhub prr mia khalifa ki videos daikhte hou or jese hi social media prr aaty hou Bol Bachan shru krdete hou :/ Ajeed chutiyaap lgaya hua hai ..... Dunya Chand prr phnch gae and we are still stuck with " Would you marry a girl who post her pics on social apps?"

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😂 @

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One of the coolest person i found here on ask 🌸
Answers are 👌👌
Btw sista watch breaking bad , money heist is good but breaking bad is love 🔥🔥
As i said once before you are a gem and people here are so good that they didn't wanted me to go unnoticed 🤣🤣
Moreover you don't have to say " ne bhi jhang se hou" i would have done it without that too 😅😅

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