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Do you like being alone or do you like being with people?

I like being with my woman. we walk everyday together she keeps me going. she's my life

Yea i don’t recommend going bck to your ex. Nothing changes 😒

I have gotten back with my ex now and it's getting better than before. I'm just saying. we're getting closer than ever before

Is being friendly rly cheating or is it your just being insecure?

if you have a boyfriend you have no business being friendly! or if he has somebody else back off ho

I miss you !

quit messaging me. I don't miss you I don't love you. I have my wife please just leave me alone. I never have wanted you. I will never be with you.

Do you trust easily?

To much but no more I'm staying where I know I'm loved I made a big mistake.were getting married

The illuminati is tormenting you all lol and demons in human form because I am God in person and you all did me wrong I have the keys to hell and life and death

You the crazy one.i got a good woman I don't want your craziness no more leave me alone.im sticking with my woman and that's it.i love her

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How have people “used” you?

People haven't used me.i was wrong about that.i have used other people.and I'm sorry for that.i have a best friend that I would never give up for nobody.were a team.


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