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Have you ever felt the need to unfollow certain people on Instagram in fear that certain followers may not like the pages you follow and will unfollow you or do unfollowers not matter to you?

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they don't matter to me

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What do you like in a man

Protective, beards, fit, brown or blue eyes (though I only made one exception in a pair of green eyes), funny

You were everything I needed…..

Then, why did you lie about who you were? That's something I just don't understand and I'm so frustrated with you about it. I even gave you the chance to come clean. And that was three or four years into our relationship. Instead, you continued to lie and that's what made it worse. It made me fall out of love with you.
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Is it ok for me to say I have Asperger’s even though it’s an outdated and offensive term, it’s one I identify the most with. People do not believe me when I say I have autism.

Yes, it's okay to say that. Even if people don't believe me. I have autism as well even though it's on the lower end

You want me to be honest? I do know everything about you and I see right through you. I know it is detrimental (to say the least) for me to even talk to you but there's something I can't explain it's this pull I know I need to leave you where you are and walk away but for some reason I can't

You don't know me at all. And that's not what I meant when I said you weren't being honest and you know that. Besides, I already walked away.


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