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If we were floating next to each other in space right now outside the ship, what’s the first thing you’d do?

Have a picnic

Your birthday coming.

Yeah. I was thinking of how I always gave you a little heck about missing my birthday. Just to be clear, I wasn’t sad or angry

What are you the most passionate about? Like something that you could talk about endlessly? 🤩💬

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
Resident Evil or turtles are what I’m passionate about. I love the game series and animals so much. Turtles cause they’re carefree
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Do you like guys who wear pit viper sunglasses?

Personally, I’ve never seen anyone wear them, but yes. I wouldn’t mind

What would your younger self think about you today?

inktomy_pen_’s Profile Photopeanut
I think my younger self wouldn’t know what to say. My teenage self. She seems me struggling more than we have back then but she knows I’m trying. I think she’s proud of me for trying to get on track but she doesn’t know what to say. If I told her we’d lose people down the line that were dear to us, she’d most certainly cry.

some people are deliberately creating conditions that will allow them to apply for asylum what do you think about it

Have they ever actually BEEN to an asylum? Maybe they need to watch some documentaries

So basically we just ask a bunch of questions that you never reply to?

lazarmarty’s Profile PhotoMarty Lazar
The system is weird for questions. Sometimes it’ll send randomly or do it later on

Boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. Now I’m a lonely girl with no friend and boyfriend . This sucks n this would be y ur not talking to cherish rn

Im sorry he cheated. You deserve better better boyfriend better best friend altogether


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