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I know you’re not here and tbh that makes this easier. I will always love you. You’re gonna live your life and I’m not going to be a part of it but not a single day will pass that I won’t pray for you and wish the best for you. Not all stories have a happy ending. Better to love and release. -M

“M” as in what

Do you believe in Tarot Readings?

No I don’t- that’s demonic and so are crystals and so is magic/ witchcraft

9 times out of 10 your weird for worrying about somebody else

People are allowed to be concerned about others- it shows they actually care

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See the thing is I wanted this to work. I want want to be there for you. I want to show you I love you everyday but your not allowing me to

Who is this

lose control

I’d rather not ‘cause then I would most likely do disastrous things to myself or to others

Has someone of the same gender tried to make you theirs?

Yes and I was very creeped out since I’m straight

If your boyfríend ain’t posting you or letting people know that y’all are together it’s either he’s cheating or there are other girls he wants. There’s nø such thing as ‘I døn't want drama' or ‘I døn't want people in our business ’ well boys love showing off their girlfriends

My ex refused to post me on his Facebook when we got back together last year and actually stopped posting on there altogether and he started acting really weird and distant/ defensive whenever I would ask him anything and he always denied cheating when I’m pretty sure he secretly was mentally; I never got to meet the rest of his family’cause he kept me a secret from them and only let me meet his brother but no one else

Why is it that the people we love don’t see the hurt they put us through until it’s too late?

‘Cause they’re too blinded by so many other things to notice

We maybe one day will be together ,maybe . But you wont have my full loyalty, trust me

I don’t even want a relationship romantic-wise


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