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How do you think you would go if you didn’t have any form of social media?

I’d love to someday if I already financially free 🥳

ngga ada yg alay di dunia ini semua orang berbahagia dgn cara masing masing, it's true?

Bener. Setuju.
Respect each other.
We as human, we do JUDGE the others. However, let’s just keep it by yourself 😊

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I don't understand how someone can be enemies with their own family. I understand conflict can arise; it happens. No one gets along 100% of the time, but at the end of the day, you are family. I see folks not speaking with their family for many years. I can't wrap my mind around it.

Sometimes what hurts you the most is the people who closest to you and know you well. Indeed, it happens, because they know your weakest spot, and sometimes they use it to attack yourself. Perfect betrayal, isn’t it? ;)

If you have the opportunity to know the future, would you want to know?

…… maybe about the way I earn money in the next 30-40 years?

Pengen hidup tenang, nyaman dan bahagia serta dijauhin dari orang-orang toxic yg bikin mental rusak, jujur gw sekarang sering ngerasa linglung setelah sering dapet perlakuan toxic

Just get over with. Jangan nambah penyakit

cape bgt ya jadi sandwich generation :)

Semangat!!! semua akan terbayar pada waktunya. mengeluh itu wajar, tapi jangan takut rejeki seret karena keadaan ya!

Orang yang berani pergi pergi sendirian apakah bermental kuat?

dwiinayah13’s Profile Photogirl
well maybe? or actually they’re comfortable to doing most of things with their own? But it’s really cool to be independent 👍

Minta saran plis.. Gimana caranya lu bisa ngisi hari2 lu,, Meskipun lu ga punya pacar??

work smart earn smart spend smart

Tipe suka rambut pendek or panjang

mungkin ini karma atau gimana… dulu bener bener anti sm cowo gondrong. but now, It’s the most attractive…… 🥲

Cewek pinter itu penting ga sih? Apa cukup modal cantik aja?

Remember 3B
Beauty, Brain, Behaviour
You can pick the order as much as you want, but all girls should have all of it


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