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How old are you and what’s the oldest you would date

16 and current dating range is 15-18 [18 is romantic relationship only until I turn 18 as well.] {Dating range changes when I get older obviously, so one year younger at youngest, two years older at oldest}

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Cheese to be when if not thinking it easy for one where should every movie which day yesterday?

Again, which one of us is having a stroke?

Does anyone consider their life to be perfect? I’m not bragging, but generally things always go my way and I have everything I could ever want. This’ll change once I get into the real world, but do any other teens feel their lives are perfect?

Ehh... Everything is pretty hard for me in terms of mental, emotional, and (slightly) physical health, but my parents have given me almost everything I could want. We're even going to a nearby city to celebrate my 16th birthday. But things at school are pretty hard, especially since I live in a really conservative republican area and am a transmasc gay dude with ADHD, a math learning disability, and who is also chronically fatigued-

What is your favorite food?

I have a lot of favorites-
Chicken Tikka Masala
Teriyaki Chicken
Maple Bourbon Barbecue Ribs
Ramen (literally any kind of ramen-)
Olive Garden
Chicken sandwhich with mayo/bbq/ranch sauce
Chicken salad
Sage and Lavender Rib-eye steak (it's so fun to cook! it's even better a little juicy)
This is just a few of the ones tied for first favorite :]

How can I study if I hate it?

Find a way to make it fun! Take a bite of candy each time you read something you may need to know for a test! make a card game out of flash cards! Try putting together a scenario where this topic you're studying may be put to the test, and you need to use.
I have ADHD so I have a lot of experience with Studying Distractions™ and absolutely hating it. hope this helps :]

Have you ever seen another kid cry from start to end?

I've seen a bunch of kids fall on their face, it was funny.

Contribute to combine into one what car you worry what photo op phobias do yourself?

which one of us is having the stroke-

What would you spend on your money on right now?

a bunch of stuff at hot topic. because that's exactly what I'm gonna do today.
16th birthday bonanza 'n' stuff y'know?

This app sucks and their terms of use bullshit is lame. No one even gets on this shit but a bunch of kids that only feel empowered through internet anonymity. Fuck this app I’m off.

haha yeah, this website sucks, but it's better than being bored to death in school-

What is wrong with JB ?

I know this is probably something else, but this made me think of JD from the Heathers movie/musical-

What your thoughts on the movie Halloween kills

It's good! I love all the Halloween movies-
it's probably my comfort horror series-

Is it selfish that i want others to help me , but i dont want to help others?

dellysvellhello’s Profile PhotoAfrica
It's understandable if you don't have the *ABILITY* or *EXPERIENCE* to help others, but you just /BELIEVE/ or /THINK/ you don't want to.
Yeah if you just don't want to help others period not even with something small.
Not at all if you do help people sometimes but not all the time.
This is just my opinion though,

Are you book smart or street smart? No one is both.

says who? you can be a bit of both.
I'm more street smart, I don't read often and I don't do very well in math, but I love English as a subject. I'm good at problem-solving and overcoming difficult situations, as well as getting people to do what I want with them thinking it was their idea (I don't do it often though [because it's a form of manipulation], mostly just for getting my ideas through in group projects.)

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What is everyone's favorite song or cover of a song right now?

TheSpiritOwl’s Profile PhotoJester
I don't have just one favorite so I'll just name my top 5
1. Molly - Mindless Self Indulgence
2. My Axe - ICP
3. Hayloft II - Mother Mother
4. Thermodynamic Lawyer Esq, G.F.D. - Will Wood and the Tapeworms
5. Somebody Told Me - The Killers
and a bonus cover/messing with of a song: 'No Where to Run Tik - Slowed' - Safenokk on spotify

I’m deleting this app you guys are so rude and act so nice but aren’t even answering me and ignoring me so I’m done

maybe your questions aren't reaching, or look like spam? and the world is full of rude people, the best you can do is ignore or block them, don't give them the satisfaction of a reaction.

So how do you handle situations where your friends are mad at you and/or you’re mad at them? Do you just plain ignore them? Do you not talk to them, but instead exchange dirty looks when you see each other? Like really what do you do?

I usually try to avoid situations like that, and so far it's worked, so I don't know yet-

Got called the B word today because I’ve never had a job. I’m sorry, but my family spoils me and I don’t need to work for anything. I plan on working in life of course, but as of right now I don’t need to. Is it necessary for a 14 year old to have work experience or can that be gotten later in life?

If you're 14 then you shouldn't have had a job yet- you're still a kid, though in highschool it's good to work part-time in a store or restaurant or even babysitting for job experience, but that's only if you find a job for 15yo's or older-


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