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No ik and ur right let’s def forget bout this. It’s just now I can’t help but to feel bad bout it plus I hate when we get into fights/arguments/disagreements yknow.?

Cali0143’s Profile PhotoKasey
We are fine, don't worry Kasey. 😉

No ur right Finn and oh gosh no I mean I never said it was anyone’s fault and trust me I’m not blaming either of u guys, but idk ig I just thought we could do somethin for me birthday to celebrate,.. but ur right I shoulda fools u guys I’d be here on my acc and stuff, so I’m sorry 😢

Cali0143’s Profile PhotoKasey
It's okay, let's forget about it

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Oh ok well that’s cool.. how bout mine? I think we should maybe at least celebrate mine as well 🥹

Cali0143’s Profile PhotoKasey
You haven't been here so it's not our fault that we didn't celebrate your bday. Next time if you want to celebrate with us just be here. We didn't knew that you came back on your acc , you could just send us a txt so don't blame us.

We should uh go do somethin to celebrate our birthdays sometime

Cali0143’s Profile PhotoKasey
We did celebrated Sam birthday 3 days so I think that's enough 😅

wanna go get something to eat

I can't now sorry, I am hangin out with Sam and we are doing karaoke tonight so I might be taken few hours
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Kasey: yea well I know what I said, but that up till u had to talk Sam up and make him seem like he's much cuter than me and everything Finn :( I guess im just never gon be cute nuff for either of u guys or for anybody

taesuga’s Profile PhotoSabrina Spellman
It's not like that, in my opinion Sam is the cutest person I know. You don't know him as much as I do. Nevermind I am not gonna fight about it. You have your boyfriend to tell you that you are cute. If he is not telling you that and making you feel like the hottest girl on earth go and end this relationship. I am going to sleep. Have a good time with Sam
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Kasey: ahah well id say thnx, but since ya said Sammy's still cuter, then nvm I wont say it -says with a playful chuckle, then scoffs and starts to pout feelin insecure and bad for myself-

taesuga’s Profile PhotoSabrina Spellman
But that's Sam he always has the 1st place lol

Kasey: Ok well I just wanna apologize in advance for askin this cuz like I said I know we're all friends and stuff, but do u and or Sam think I'm like cute or attractive or somethin.? It's ok u can be honest with me I won't get mad

taesuga’s Profile PhotoSabrina Spellman
Yes you are, why do yo ask?
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