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Alright Im ready too i got my stuff in my bag so i can get ready at Sams, so let' go and start headin over there

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you know how to create chatzy or something for the 3 of us?
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Ahaha ahh ok well aww thnx Finn that's pretty sweet of u to look for me since Sam can be so bossy.. that is ofc if that's what u were doin, and if so then I appreciate it

Cali0143’s Profile PhotoMami Kasey
sometimes he act like he is on period but anyway he is such a sweetheart and I love him
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Awww Finn ur so sweet and I appreciate u leavin it up to me to decide, but why leave it up to me entirely tho?.. U know both u and Sam can decide as well I mean I'll be down to whatever u guys wanna do too

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I am doing that because I know that Sam can be bossy so you know haha
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Thnx Finn but if I’m bein honest it won’t matter whether he liked me or not.. I mean I’m glad to know he likes me back, but at what cost cuz I mean he still has a gf and it wouldn’t be right nor fair for her if she knew he liked me yknow.?

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Well if he has a gf he is not worth it
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Sorry im just seein this now, but no i have not asked him out i mean heck i havent even bothered to ask and see if he even likes me like that or not yet

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oh okay


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