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At what age would you and @hazzyrp94 let your daughter @harleyrpx79058 start dating?

At least 13. Harry and I want our kids to just enjoy being a kid for a while before they start about thinking about having a boyfriend and start dating

dove: i a very bad girl no wonder u and mummy Don't love me anymore

Of course we do. We just don’t want you to be inappropriate. None of your other siblings are like that

dove: hey daddy

Hii. Why are you being inappropriate with mummy and wanting to be naked? We don’t you to be like that

Sftlr but thnx daddy and I hope u and I can get to spend some time together soon someday 🥹😢

Cali0143’s Profile PhotoKasey
You’re welcome baby girl and i hope so too
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Hey daddy it was my birthday yesterday 🥳 I’ve missed u 🥹

Cali0143’s Profile PhotoKasey
Hii. Happy belated birthday baby girl. I’ve missed you too 🥺
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