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*Geno teleports to Dream with a grievously injured @GrimReapings * Dream, I need help

DontcallmeSans’s Profile PhotoGeno
*Dream seems startled when Geno appears so suddenly, but that is quickly replaced with an unnatural calm as Dream realizes he's operating under emergency conditions*
I'll heal him, should I even ask what caused this?
*Dream sits next to Geno who has the god resting in his lap before he begins healing Death*
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I have a crush on you!

No you probably don't, it's just my aura has that affect on people. . .
I have a crush on you

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BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
*Is it weird I could see this exact conversation happening if the circumstances were right*
Cross: What would you do if we broke up?
Dream: I would get back with my ex
Cross: WHAT?
Dream: It's true
Dream: You would be my ex
Cross: Oh, right... Aw, that's sweet
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*Geha had a warped way of doing it but her goal was to get Dreams mind off his brother and while it is working, it's also terrifying the poor smol* Nuh-uh! Sorry but little Mr Owly here is staying until you stop thinking about a certain someone! *she then mimics the noise a owl makes* who! Whoo!

ScytheWeilder’s Profile PhotoGeha
*thing is Geha did this right in front of her mom, and @DontcallmeSans doesn't approve, he's going to try getting Geha to apologize*
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*tbc switching back to her bubbly, inoccent facade and hops over to him* Your RainbowStars mom..! I know we've met once before but it was so long ago I think I have to remind you! I'm Geha! Rainbow told me lots about you! *she holds up a stuffed animal..of a owl.. ._.* including your worst F E A R S

ScytheWeilder’s Profile PhotoGeha
*Dream is able to sense from her aura that the innocent act is just that an act, but he's willing to give her the benefit of the doubt as she is only a kid. Until the plushie comes out and he jumps slightly with a startled yelp*
I-I appreciate you thinking o-of me, b-but could you please put that away?
*he's still trying to be nice despite the scare*
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*A very unexpected visitor actually crashes the party, Geno might be surprised since he doesn't see Geha around that often, the smol teleports in and gives a very disturbing grin towards Ink* I'll make you my new play thing one day if you p-ss me off..~ *she then looks back to Dream tbc*

ScytheWeilder’s Profile PhotoGeha
*Ink's oblivious to her, and yes Geno is surprised*

Happy Birthday Dream!! *the excitable creator hangs off one of the branches of the tree outside Dream and Cross' house* Sorry I didn't bring a gift, I only remembered cause this part of my scarf kinda hit me in the face *he gestures at an area of his scarf with birthdays written down*

hewhocannotfeelcreates’s Profile PhotoInk
*Dream flashes his forgetful friend a smile*
Ink the fact you remembered and actually stopped by is enough of a gift, thank you
*too bad Ink's about to have the UV crazies again since 0.7 part 1 premiers today*
Happy Birthday Dream the excitable creator hangs off one of the branches of the

*Goth looks pretty surprised* I'm never gonna figure out how someone like you ended up with Cross.. it's like I'm talking to Palette right now.. I know we didn't need to but we both wanted to! Your Palettes mom and Lux is friends with Shino now, even if you weren't their mom we still like you too!

GothsOfDeath’s Profile PhotoGoth
Thank you Goth, and as for how I ended up with Cross? How did your mom end up with your dad? The multiverse is full of mysteries.
*he isn't wrong*

*Lux makes a sound of happiness as she runs over and hugs her mom, her little brother Starcross toddles along behind her, also joining the hug when he reaches them* Happy Birthday Mommy! *She hands Dream a drawing of their family that clearly both she and Starcross worked on*

StarsOfDreams’s Profile PhotoLux
*Dream kneels down to wrap their two kids in a hug, the smile on his face is one of a mind at ease, as opposed to the forced happiness he often portrays to the world. He gives each of them a clink on the skull*
Thank you so much, both of you. All I really needed for my birthday though was the two of you here with me
Lux makes a sound of happiness as she runs over and hugs her mom her little

Um..*Goth pokes out from behind @DontcallmeSans * Mr Dream? I came to say happy birthday too if that's okay..I know Cross doesn't like us very much.. *he then heads over and gives Dream a flower crown* Palette told me you like flowers so..I made this with Shino..

GothsOfDeath’s Profile PhotoGoth
*Dream smiles placing the crown on, and closes his eyes with a peaceful expression*
Thank you Goth, I appreciate any birthday wishes, and you and Shino didn't have to make me anything, but you went out of your way to give me something. I'm very happy right now. Also I'm sorry about Cross, he isn't very social but I don't think he'd chase away someone who just wants to wish me a happy birthday
UmGoth pokes out from behind DontcallmeSans  Mr Dream I came to say happy

"I'm not gonna lie and say it'll be easy on me, but I can get you outta here the fastest, so just hold on" *Shadow grabs the smol's hand and drags him down into darkness, the two are in the abyss for mere moments before Shadow pushes him back in front of his house*

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Dream was surprised with the speed at which Shadow did all that, then he realizes it makes sense to have spent as little time with him as possible to avoid injury, he looks down at his shadow with a smile*
Thank you
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*Looks around confused as to where @IoserSkeleton95 went, then notices Dream struggling and floats over* "Hey buddy, y'all need a hand getting outta here? Vi said places like this are bad for ya."

forgottenfifth’s Profile PhotoShadow
*Dream had fallen to his knees at this point looking up at the teen offering to help*
Are you sure you can manage it, I mean I am a being of light... taking me home won't hurt you will it?
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