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*Don't worry ask deleting shít and making you all confused will be the last of your worries when Cross freaking FALCON PUNCHES @ScytheWeilder through the cieling* STAY AWAY FROM DREAM YOU PSYCHOPATH!!

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You do know that was one of @DontcallmeSans 's kids right?
*he communicates telepathically to Geha as she's sent flying Smash bros. style*
**I'm SO sorry about him**
Dont worry ask deleting shít and making you all confused will be the last of

come from you.. you wouldn't let Lux or Rainbow Star be trapped in a place like that..and the fact Ash has similar powers to you and them..I wonder how bad that place is affecting them ..*Geha stares down at the ground* ..I know it's not my business but..I don't want anything happening to them..

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*yeah I got lost in all this too, Ash DOES know Ink, but Ink forgets about Ash all the time because well Ink.*

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Tbc even if you can't go there yourself..can't you get someone who can for you? If Ash knew you sent someone to get them..they would willingly leave.. someone like me telling them to leave would lead no where.. it has to come from you.. ..*Geha looks up at Dream* I can deal with Cross for you both..

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Please don’t “deal” with Cross

*This might be a giant wtf moment for Dream when he suddenly has a scythe drawn at his neck from behind* .. H o w d a r e y o u . . . You let K i I I e r . . of all monsters.. around A s h . . ? He might be Ashes dad..but you and I both know what he's capable of. . . what he can DO to Ash..

ScytheWeilder’s Profile PhotoG̤̈⸭ë̤⸭ḧ̤⸭ä̤
I- what?
*Dream blinks at the little girl in confusion*
Ash... right
*he sighs*
I would have taken them in already but @CrossingOutNames is already incensed by the fact Ash exists, and I can't enter the timeline they live in on my own.
*Dream seems ashamed of himself*
I didn't know Killer had been around them, but, they are also related to Dust which means they're probably off limits for @CoercedGenocider to well kill them.
Tell them I'm sorry, I would if I could, but Cross would freak out if I tried going to @ExperimentTale

What do you do when you love someone who doesn't love you back.

What kind of love are we talking about? Romantic Love? Platonic Love? Familial Love?
I feel like the answer is very dependent on the type of love, like in a case of Familial Love, even if it hurts, love that family member anyway.
In a case of Platonic love; just back down, you can't force someone to be your friend, let them come to you if they want to.
In a case of Romantic love; get over them, or if you want to hold a secret flame for them, at least don't act on it. Like with Platonic love you can't force someone to love you, and you will probably hurt less in the long run to just let go.
I hope at least one of my answers helps you
What do you do when you love someone who doesnt love you back
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*Geno teleports to Dream with a grievously injured @GrimReapings * Dream, I need help

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*Dream seems startled when Geno appears so suddenly, but that is quickly replaced with an unnatural calm as Dream realizes he's operating under emergency conditions*
I'll heal him, should I even ask what caused this?
*Dream sits next to Geno who has the god resting in his lap before he begins healing Death*

*Geha had a warped way of doing it but her goal was to get Dreams mind off his brother and while it is working, it's also terrifying the poor smol* Nuh-uh! Sorry but little Mr Owly here is staying until you stop thinking about a certain someone! *she then mimics the noise a owl makes* who! Whoo!

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*thing is Geha did this right in front of her mom, and @DontcallmeSans doesn't approve, he's going to try getting Geha to apologize*

*tbc switching back to her bubbly, inoccent facade and hops over to him* Your RainbowStars mom..! I know we've met once before but it was so long ago I think I have to remind you! I'm Geha! Rainbow told me lots about you! *she holds up a stuffed animal..of a owl.. ._.* including your worst F E A R S

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*Dream is able to sense from her aura that the innocent act is just that an act, but he's willing to give her the benefit of the doubt as she is only a kid. Until the plushie comes out and he jumps slightly with a startled yelp*
I-I appreciate you thinking o-of me, b-but could you please put that away?
*he's still trying to be nice despite the scare*


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