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*Geno ripped Neo away from the kid with Blue Magic, and the look he gives Nix promises to make good on his threat to turn the kid into a fur coat*

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Hey I didn't hurt Reaper this time..!*he seems to back off Geno was clearly the alpha right now too serious to take lightly* Goth deserved it..

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Wait..a copy of Neo? You mean..it isn't actually her or..how does that work?? *Goth seems confused now* But..uh.. I won't say anything! You won't be the only one that gets in trouble if she finds out, I would get in serious trouble too! *he then opens the door* I hope he's nice..!

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It's complicated! Be nice goth he doesn't like rude people.. *They walk into @thedrix 's game room it's filled with shelves that has small figurines of Dax's creations in the center of the room is a giant game board the god of creation and destruction sits on his throne chair moving the game pieces each figure was a person he made*

Ow..! H-hey!! I'm not that stupid! *XD**Goth blinks a few times as he watches Nix stomp the ground though* ..Have you been here before?

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Uh...Yeah I have.. This isn't the first time this has happened to mom.. Though it wasn't by the creepy horror guy last time.. But Dax can fix this!I got a clump of her fur that's all he needs to make another exact copy of Neo! Though she will have all the previous ones memories don't tell her I came here okay...? She has a complicated relationship with Dax she will FREAK if she finds out I've been visiting him...

Whoooaa...this kinda looks like OuterTale but with fake stars..? Those stars are fake right? Cause if we're in space without helmets..AAAAH!! *Goth then starts acting like he's dying XD being over dramatic as he drops on his knees* THE GREAT BANANA IN THE SKY IS GONNA KILL US!! I SEE THE LIGHT!!

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*Nix smacks him* It's not real stupid! It's more like a pocket room outside space and time it just looks like space.. You don't notice we aren't floating either right? It's a fake! *He stomps on the ground it looks like the are hovering but it's just every wall and floor is replace to look like out space* Open the door! *he points at the fancy door it's literally the only thing in the seemingly endless room that look like a random spot in space. It's kinda odd Nix knows about Dax and his game room most of his creations aren't so aware. From how Nix explains everything it was like he's done this before.*

Uh...nevermind! I tried to get out of it cause I thought for sure your worlds God might kiII me but I don't think I gotta choice cause my stupid dad is too lazy to help..I hope we don't get murdered! *Goth then grabs Nix's hand* I hope this goes okay..! You can take us there, right?

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Yeah!I'll need you to open the door though I can't open it..*he uses an alien device to teleport to a void like space covered in stars it doesn't react like real outer space just designed to look like it*Only a god celestial of demi god can open the door and access his room. It has to be you cause if I open it will just teleport us to some random door in this multiverse!

Geno wouldn't share Reaper, if weirdly Neo did try getting with the god of death, she'd end up a throw rug

That would be amusing.. Maybe I could set her up like that.*lol Nix doesn't like his mom*

*Well Ink's blaster isn't a laser but a high pressure ink torrent that can send a man flying*

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*lol yeah so that would still hurt*

*XD**Reaper ends up dropping the kiddo as he falls back* ..Your lucky I'm not allowed to kiII random mortals ..ow..even for a God like me that hurt.. you wra are that tough? You don't look it at all..

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My dad is is fearsome giant.. I'm just smaller thanks to my mom being a midget.. Her species is small stupid and inferior to Wra's in every way.. My dad just liked neo cause of her incredible cute stupid nature.. I'm impervious to heat and incredibly strong thanks to my dad! I don't think I gained anything from my mom though..

You have a Death wish kiddo!? *I swear we could air our own version of Family Guy with our characters XD* I will send you to the Underworld!

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Nuh uh!I know you like my dumb mom.. Cause she's just like you but actually cute.. *lol savage *Neo is more afraid of dad's wrath than anything else so she won't let me get too hurt.~

I'm shocked her robot pal didn't save her..didn't she have a built in bot that used to get her out of jams like this? I think they had a falling out but..I thought they woulda patched things up by now..*Reaper frowns as he carefully picks up the covered Neo* Let's bring her back to Life's..alright?

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Yeah she needs a bath!*he covers his nose rott doesn't smell pleasant*

His Death touch can age her decomposing body to ash, and the only Necromancer I know is in a magic induced coma

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Well maybe if she turns to Ash it might make it easier..Her Core should be the only thing that can be recovered.
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