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⠀✦ ⠀ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ; @spiderlilyfighter

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀【🗡️】ᴏᴋɪᴛᴀ ꜱᴏᴜᴊɪ⠀⠀⠀⠀
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀平山 五郎
⠀⠀The day in the village was perfectly calm and harmonious, just the sound of nature standing out on its own, the petals of the beautiful trees falling thanks to a gentle spring breeze.
It was just beautiful. A peace as deadly as the sheathing sound of a katana...
⠀⠀❝Found yaaaa...❞ A male murmuring voice mixed with that sound became a disturbance in the quiet environment, positioned behind what would be his other "victim". That samurai woman, that in reality he didn't know her, not to mention that didn't even see her face, only her back, but it was enough for him to know with her clothing and that recognizable other katana sheath that would be one of his supposed enemies.
His was as bloody as his blue haori, remarking that had been on a roll.
As soon as she got into his sight, an impulse jump happened and he lunged at her with the whole purpose of taking ᴀɴᴏᴛʜᴇʀ ʟɪꜰᴇ.

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ʀᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ spiderlilyfighter

Tbc around, seeing the huge crowd* But..why do your kimonos look weird..? Am..I in another country? Your not throwing rocks at me.. *She takes another glance around, having a very confused look on her face, but Majima is probably more confused* Ah! Wait! We still have that demon! We need to run!

ShrinePriestess’s Profile Photo静香梅子
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀╱╱ ⠀🐍【⠀ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴀᴅ ᴅᴏɢ ᴏꜰ ꜱʜɪᴍᴀɴᴏ⠀】⠀⠀╱╱

⠀⠀❪At least it's not broken...❫
It was a soothing thought between all that fit, closing the door. Funny, that yakuza worrying about that outdated technology? perhaps also doing the rest a favor to prevent this scene from having real damage.
They no longer focused only on her, but on him. That caused the majority to turn a blind eye to the case and gradually back away. Much better. One more favor, now for that noisy girl whom he didn't take long to put an eye on her.
Trying to understand her...was a disaster; was she really being serious? looking at Umeko better now, alcohol was not a logical culprit. That girl looked too young.
She definitely had a good screw loose.
⠀⠀❝Haw!?❞ his curiosity was unmistakable, forced to have to express it with that exaggerated gesture. He came up to her out of the blue, using a gloved index finger and thumb to poke her lightly on the forehead.
⠀⠀❝Ya lost yer mind, girl? Stop foolin' around an' snap outta it!❞
Oh god, he sounded like a terribly bitter father now...
⠀⠀❝The hell are ya talkin' about? demons? It's a phone booth, ain't ya seen one or what?❞

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Слушаешь музыку в ВКонтакте ?

Звери — Облака из папирос
Shocking Blue — Long And Lonesome Road
Дельфин — Я люблю людей
The Used — Revolution
JONGHYUN — Elevator
Scarlxrd — we waste time FADED
Johnny Tilloson — Poetry in Motion

Seen a lot of talk about 'love language' and wondered what you consider yours to be? (The term love language refers tothe way that a person prefers to express love to and receive it from a partner. It is now often used generally to refer to many different methods of expressing love)

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I guess it's kinda hard to choose between options since I was never in a relationship, not yet unfortunately. So I wasn't really sure.. 😐🤷‍♂️
It looks like Acts of service is my main love language. 😁
Blue - Acts of service.
Red - Receiving gifts.
Green - Words of Affirmation.
Yellow - Quality time.
Orange - Physical Touch.
Seen a lot of talk about love language and wondered what you consider yours to

I while back saw some of your answers and i got pretty strange about ur thoughts. i thought i could share sometings with u nd learn a few things from you too but couldn't muster up the courage to ask you, as i didn't knew, if you were ever gonna answer back. But still i asked hoping my last resort🙂

well it took me around 20 hours to gather energy to respond.
i may talk about things a lot but i really don't have left energies to chat with people.
remember we used to say hi kon? to strangers. now i seen zone messages of people everyday. usually that's my family.
i feel emotionally drained all time,
tired & sleepy.
usually i get irritated by smallest things like voices of people living around me.
i get irritated about the lights around me.
i get irritated by loud music, noise of any kind.
i spend my days with me, locked in my room,
i do go out in the world but when its necessary.
so nothing like formal, non formal personal relations are made.
i do have professional relations with my clients abroad. but talking to them is my night mare. yet i cant ignore those calls as that get me all the money to survive my luxuries.
so, i don't we can chat ever.
but leaving a text once in a blue moon might make me drop an answer to that.
but moving to daily chit chat is not my place. 🥀

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Какой трек на репите?

именно эти — самые частые гости для моих наушников.
♫ Ай Мори — Shadow Moses
♫ Ай Мори — Феникс
♫ Ай Мори — Naruto Shippuden Opening 3 Blue Bird
♫ Ай Мори — The Diary of Jane
♫ Радио Тапок — Рождённые для победы
♫ Радио Тапок — Цусима
♫ Радио Тапок — Высота 776
♫ Радио Тапок — Feel Invincible
Какой трек на репите

Ты безумно красивая😍

We watch this blackness eat away the cold blue sky
Terrified, this is our last goodbye
The dead will walk the streets tonight
In my nightmare we never last this night

Idealnie by było mieć ten serial też w wersji alternatywnej, np z gubernatorem i Shanem. Wiadomo, to niemożliwe, ale często np na wydaniach blue ray czy dvd wielkich filmów, są alternatywne zakończenia.

Zdecydowanie wybieramy tą opcję 😎🥃 Gubernator by się zdecydowanie bardziej naprzykrzał Neganowi niż Rick, Shane podobnie, Rick już zaakceptował poddaństwo, a to błąd 😎🥃

❖ ➡ [ [ @mistressofevilrp ] ] ⬅ ❖

PrincessClown_DC’s Profile Photo❖⠀⁄⁄ ᴴᵃʳˡᵉʸ Qᵘⁱⁿⁿ ❜
❖An escape was carried out on the outskirts of Gotham City, and the person responsible for such an act was a woman whose "anti-hero" name was called "Harley Quinn". Harley was a former impulsive criminal who always looked for a way to wreak havoc on Gotham when she got the chance, thus giving the police an extreme headache who always acted to put an end to the blonde's troubles when she ended up behind bars. In her last escape in a stolen car, she had crashed the vehicle into a tree, where she had invaded a square that had some trees of almost all sizes, and luckily for her, the place was not as crowded as usual and she didn't suffer any scratches during the impact. Behind the square was a fenced forest where it had a sign that prohibited the passage, and Harley, consumed by anger and stubbornness, got out of the damaged vehicle that was smoking, with a knife in hand to cut that wire mesh that covered the entire access to the forest. . The blonde immediately made a hole, not quite perfect, but she made an effort to get through it and ended up cutting herself during the access. So she came face to face with the closed green environment and went on to hurry her walk to dodge the police as soon as possible. She used the same sharp object to remove the branches that blocked her view until she had a new view of another place similar to the forest, but that resembled a magical forest like in fairy tales. Could it be that Harley had passed through an invisible portal that gave access to another world/reality without her realizing it? Or was it all a dream? Her blue irises shone in every corner they surrounded, making the blonde emit a wide smile and be witnessed by small birds and other magical beings that belonged to that forest and were heading towards her. "Damn", was all the blonde thought as she set foot there and thought it would be possible to actually stop in another dimension.❖

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Seen a lot of talk about 'love language' and wondered what you consider yours to be? (The term love language refers tothe way that a person prefers to express love to and receive it from a partner. It is now often used generally to refer to many different methods of expressing love)

LouisaRHale’s Profile PhotoLou
I beg to differ on having to compartmentalize love in just 5 ways. Out of curiosity I did the test and my test scores were equally distributed (give or take). Not everyone wants to get a gift, just because their language is ‘receiving gifts’ , at times they might just want an affirmative statement. For me love doesn’t have boundaries and one must go all the way out to do things that they derive happiness from doing for their partner. The language of love or the feeling of love is the greatest power and occurrence in the whole universe.
To some people ‘love' is just a feeling found among couples. But the fact is that love exists among every two people who are socially or emotionally attached to each other. Be it brother and sister, brother and brother, sister and sister, parents and children, among friends and so on. That is becoz without the feeling of love, no two persons can bind with each other. Now a sudden thought might be running in your mind, whether there is love among enemies? Well I would say that there is love among enemies too. Infact, the more enemical you are the more love would there be, becoz you think about your enemies even more than you think about your friends. No matter what you are doing, you may for once forget your friends, but never your enemies. Coming to the point, love is a feeling where you care about someone, you have a place for them in your life, you can understand their emotions, their feelings, when you think that you feel nice with somebody, when you want someone to share thoughts with you, it's all about love. The whole world is filled with love, to be more precise, love is in the air. Wishing you a beautiful and lovely life. Its important to understand what makes your spouse feel loved and what doesn’t. A misfire in this area can make you feel like you’re constantly going above and beyond and they never appreciate it, while they feel that you don’t really see them or recognise their needs.
You don’t need to read the actual Love Languages book or know the theory propounded by the author, but you do need to recognise your spouse’s needs and how they might be different from yours. Now I can tell my wife what she means to me and how much I love her until I'm blue, it won't mean much to her. I can spend a fortune on little gifts with the same result. I can grab her but whenever I walk past her with the same result. But if I spend some quality time with her, she is the happiest person. Gifts, compliments, and sometimes physical touch. Idk why I have these but I feel good whenever I do something nice for someone I love.

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(cont) You are the heart of the team, you are the one who connects us to the hearts of the people of the multiverse Blue, and we love you for it, you don't realize how important you are. I know I couldn't do this without your support.

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
*he starts to slowly brighten up* ⭐I didn't realize my role was so important. I just get so insecure wanting to improve myself.. I made myself vulnerable.. I forget what matters most. Thanks Dream.⭐*he seems to be happier now*
Liked by: Ink Nightmare Dream

What is something that is not true, but using logic, you can convince me it is true?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
"The sky is blue." This is a false statement but under certain conditions, it's true. Without atmosphere, it is actually black. From the earth's surface, the color changes due to Rayleigh scattering. As the sun's light passes through the earth's atmosphere, air molecules cause it to "scatter." When the light travels further during the sunset or sunrise, it can appear red but during the day, it is blue because the light doesn't travel as far. Red light has a longer wavelength and if I recall correctly, blue (or violet) has the shortest.
What is something that is not true but using logic you can convince me it is

If you were going to choose a genre of film/TV to help you fall asleep, what genre would you pick?

Mine would be thrillers or true crime, because I'm a bit strange I guess. Something without a laugh tract or loud music. I find films from the 30s or 40s are fairly mellow - no war movies. Maybe a drama? I was raised in a small house, so I was used to falling asleep with the distant sound of the television. Spirited Away. Wonderful movie, I've seen it a million times and the adventure never gets less breath-taking. But when I want to fall asleep it's perfect. Soft yet rich colours, whimsical, airy and childlike tone and that wonderfully soothing soundtrack
The Ring The muted color palette and the abundance of rain makes me feel super cozy under the covers. Once you've seen the movie a dozen times there really aren't any more scares to be had and I usually fall asleep during the first half so miss some of the jump scares of the second half.
John Wick. I know the movie so well I probably quote it in my sleep. I always enjoy watching it but I know it so well that missing parts of it while dozing off doesn’t bother me. I can fall asleep 20 minutes in and then start up from the same point the next night
I see I'm not the only one who does this exact same thing. I put on movies that I know well so I can follow them in my head as I try to fall asleep. 3 that I use quite a bit are Jerry Maguire, Fools Rush In and The American President. Maybe give them a try, they work for me at least.
Anything by Apichatpong Weerasethakul. I say this as an admirer of his films: extremely pleasant to watch 20 minutes of and then just drift off. They're slow-moving, gentle, and have really engaging sound design so they work like a charm. Most of them tend to have pretty dark/subdued color palettes too so it's not a strain on the eyes.
I’ll be the one to actively not post movies in the movie group. I listen to podcasts a lot at night. Less exposure to blue lights when trying to sleep, infinite topics to pick from, most don’t feature abrasive audio. They are usually a steady stream of lower voices. I typically put some smaller ear buds in so that it’s not uncomfortable so the volume can be adjusted as needed. Hell, I listened to a movie podcast last night with Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino. If you do specifically want movies, I will always throw on Fellowship of the Ring on a sleep timer. Love the movie and seen it a billion times, so the pressure/desire of staying awake to watch it is minimal. The opening and set up is just long enough that before they even leave the shire I am typically out.
I also have tinnitus, add very bad insomnia for extra bonus points. I also use movies to help me fall asleep- and when a movie is working I'll start it every night when I go to bed until it quits working (I have an android tablet set up by my bed with both USB and microSD, with several medium with many movies on them). I'll also restart the current choice when I inevitably wake up several times through the night.

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blue blue 1 miesiąc temu Nigdy nic nie mialam do Ukraincow,do czasu,gdy moja szefowa zostala Ukrainka.Miala litewski paszport.Nigdy w zyciu nikt tak mnie nie upokarzal.To byl mobbing w czystym wydaniu.Z pracy odeszlam.Od tego czasu mam swoje zdanie,nie zycze zle oczywiscie,niech sobie zyja spoko

I dlatego Putin postanowił ich denazyfikować o debanderyzować. Pewnie w gabinecie tej szefowej z ukrainy wisiały widły po dziadkach🤪

People take insomnia or depression as an joke but believe me it's hell painful nind ki tab lay kar bhi nind na ana is worst feeling ever

It aint insomnia if you're stimulated and are blasting your eyes with blue lights of your mobile and listening to music louder then the sound a car crash makes. 10 bajay lights off karo if cant sleep till 4 dont sleep the next day. Cure na hua tou batao. Then will do something

Do you like vibrant or pastel color?

alpharean’s Profile PhotoChatter Box
When it comes to clothing and interior design, I'm much more into pastel colors! Though, when it comes to lighting, like if I want to put an LED strip somewhere or have a piece of tech light up, I prefer brighter colors, especially blue! That pretty much sums up my mentality of how I designed my current room, with my PC shining bright blue when everything else is in pastel 😆
Do you like vibrant or pastel color

Există vreun produs care nu se mai fabrică de care ți-e dor? Mie sincer mi-e dor de fornetti cu pizza, alea vechi, Pepsi Blue, un parfum ieftinache de la Avon, dar care in copilarie si adolescența era special si tigarile Vogue Lila, pachetul roz pe care l-au scos prin 2015. Average millennial🌈

Din cate știu eu inca mai exista acele fornetti.
Eu doar sunt uneori nostalgic de faptul că îmi luam corn cu ciocolata cu 4000 de lei vechi, adică vreo 40 de bani actuali. 🤣

How long have you been on ask? What made you stay? 😊

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I started in 2012, recommended by my social circle. And lost interest in it for a couple of years because back then, the amount of questions depended on one's popularity in his/her local school and spins on a random question generator feature that sometimes repeated its content (shoutouts hadn't existed and international interaction was limited),, and a nerd like me ain't that sociable. I returned once in a blue moon over the years and consistently stuck around since 2018. Initially, it was to catch up with social trends of having an Ask.fm account. And then, my return was sparked off by a desire to stalk my Twitter crush before shifting onto my ex-partner. Now, I'm interested in insightful perspectives and ideas presented by selected few, and explore new horizons.

Horror was in a really good mood, so that's probably not great news, but whatever Nightmare had him doing recently, hasn't had anything to do with us

hewhocannotfeelcreates’s Profile PhotoInk
⭐That's great news! But it makes me wonder what other priorities he could have..Just another thing to stress about instead of sleeping.⭐*Ink may notice Blue take off his gloves he's covered in Band-Aids with cuts all over the bones* ⭐I wish I could be carefree like you are most of the time.⭐
Horror was in a really good mood so thats probably not great news but whatever
Liked by: Geno Nightmare Dream Ink

Blue, Nightmare knows about this kid, if you took them in it would make it pretty clear what our relationship is *he has a worried look in his mismatched eye lights*

BloodAndAsh’s Profile PhotoDust
⭐ But Dust.. ⭐*He frowns before sighing Dust had a point he'd be endangering dust, ash and himself doing that.* ⭐I understand... I don't want you or the kid getting hurt because of me. I just wish there was more I could do to help.⭐

That's fair, I'll be honest, I'm scared too. I have no idea what my brother will do to you or Ink or Cross. Does knowing that help any Blue? I'm not some infallible hero or perfect guardian, I get afraid just like any other monster.

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
⭐I suppose not. We should just take every day as it is. Sometimes I forget.. Thanks Dream I'm glad to know you have my back. I should probably go makes some tacos while im home. If you need me you know where to find me!⭐ *Dream seemed to cheer him up*
Liked by: Nightmare Shadow Dream

The anon isn't wrong Blue, unlike Ink or myself you need to eat and rest, and I'm sorry if we haven't always been accommodating of that since neither of us has those needs. If you want to stay strong, you have to make sure to take care of yourself, I know you know that

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
⭐ Still I signed up for this! I want to make sure I can keep up with you guys. Even if it means making sacrifices my needs for you guys, I'm willing to give my best, wait no better than that! My all, you deserve nothing less Dream. If we are going to be the heroes everyone can count on.. It's a big pair of shoes to fill but I it's not my place to complain. I'm happy to be included even if it puts myself in danger and wears me out. Cause of the reason we are fighting and the friends I've made. I don't want to fail any of you. ⭐ *he smiles but it's clear something is bothering poor blue* ⭐I'm just scared Dream ,scared of what's to come next. ⭐ *aww*
Liked by: Shadow Nightmare Dream

Look who's back @SwapSansSkeleton .

I see my 'dear' little brother has all the members of his insufferable team back
They're probably trying to find out my plans
*he grins*
How long before one walks into a trap of sorts
Though trapping @hewhocannotfeelcreates would be more beneficial in the long run, I can still make him suffer if Blue falls into my hands.
as long as I make sure Horror or Killer deal with him. I can't trust either Dust or Error with this
Look whos back SwapSansSkeleton

*Underswap Sans is seen treading through the snow he's cautious but tries to remain calm looking for Dust* ⭐Dust are you here?⭐

SwapSansSkeleton’s Profile Photo⭐ UnderSwap Sans⭐
*Blue ends up with a sharp purple bone at his throat*
Well, well Paps what do we have here-
*he seems to realize who he grabbed and steps away*
Shit, didn't realize it was you Blue, your teammates aren't here are they?
You know I'd have to follow orders regarding them

Hello Blue, it's good to see you safe *since Dream's vessel is a copy of Swap, they would be the same height, the guardian has a tired smile on his face*

BowsOfLights’s Profile PhotoDream
⭐It's been a long time yeah I'm still around! You look exhausted have you been sleeping enough?⭐*he seems genuinely worried for Dream*
Liked by: Shadow Dream Geno Ink

*The small alien was off exploring new AU's when she stumbles into Horrortale she was quite surprised to see the AU in such poor shape* What happened here? *the little blue rat noticed any noticeable landmarks of snowdin in ruins* Where is everyone..?

NeoTheSkrix’s Profile PhotoNeo
*She just feels someone watching her, no one approaches her, the air is completely silent, unnervingly so. There are traps hidden throughout the woods and the town itself*

Wiadomo coś więcej o jego roli w Chirurgach?

mixerpoland’s Profile PhotoLittle Mix Poland
Tak! Wiadomo więcej niż przypuszczałam 😆
Wiadomo, że jego nickname to „Blue” i nie jest on przypadkowy – jak Harry wspominał, wygląda na to, że Benson był złotym dzieckiem i wygrywał dużo konkursów, a tam symbolicznie dostaje się odznakę z niebieską wstążką, i stąd właśnie „Blue”. Jeden z artykułów wspominał, że na studiach był zaangażowany sportowo, więc pewnie chodzi o konkursy w dyscyplinach sportowych.
Benson ma być konkurencyjny do granic możliwości, chce być najlepszy, ale jest z natury szczodry. Pojawiła się także wzmianka o wątku związanym z jego zawodową(?) służbą wojskową w przeszłości (możliwe PTSD, chociaż ten wątek był już przerabiany w tym serialu).
No i przede wszystkim, wiadomo dlaczego jest starszy niż przeciętny rezydent pierwszego roku – oficjalna informacja prasowa podaje, iż jego plany na karierę medyczną zostały pokrzyżowane przez kryzys rodzinny; chodzi o śmierć matki. Zaczynajac stosunkowo późno, będzie bardzo zdeterminowany aby udowodnić swoją wartość, ale czekają go różne rozczarowania.

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Wiadomo coś więcej o jego roli w Chirurgach

¿Os gusta Lana del Rey? Tenía que preguntarlo aunque sea de friki, es una de mis artistas favoritas y curiosamente no sé porque, pero "poca" gente sabe quién es (bro como no vas a saber quién ha inventado a Yung Beef 😭). ¿Escucháis a algún/a artista de su época actualmente (2010-2013)? 💮🌸🌺

putahada’s Profile Photo1690
Friki por? Y sí, yo escucho de tanto en tanto a Lana, sobretodo Video Games, Blue Jeans, y Young and Beatiful.

ᴅᴀᴍᴏɴ— https://ask.fm/dasalvatorebrothers/answers/170876856048

dasalvatorebrothers’s Profile Photosᴀʟᴠᴀᴛᴏʀᴇ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀs
'Our kink' that told Katherine this wasn't a one time thing, the idea both terrified and excited her beyond imagination. She hadn't even confessed to Damon whatever feelings she has for him, mainly cause she wasn't sure herself, but here they are drifting further off the cliff that is the emotions of two unstable vampires.
Katherine tilted her head back, giving him better access to her neck, anticipating the inevitable bite to her neck. The softness of his kisses surprise the Petrova, she couldn't help the soft smile of utter bliss ss she moaned his name almost involuntarily. Her hands snaked under his arms and to his back where she dragged her finger nails across his clothed back, desperately trying to keep him close.
It was impressive how he kept himself from tearing through her neck as fast as the wound healed. His breath on her ear and neck ignited within her a need she didn't knew she had for Damon of all people. His whisper caught her off guard or maybe it was her reaction to it; she felt goosebumps forming on her skin as a chill ran down her spine. Not even grasping how his words had such a physical effect on her.
Her fingers weaved themselves into his dark hair as she pulled his head back, already missing the blue in his eyes. "Damon, I.." She started, a whisper almost into his mouth when she felt the vibration in her pocket. She stopped, steadied herself before pulling the phone out. "Stefan and Klaus are already on their way to Chicago, they'll be way harder to track if we don't beat them there." She announced, sharing the information she received via text message. "We need to move." She explained. It was difficult to even tear her gaze away from his but she couldn't deny, that text had saved her as not even Katherine knew what she was about to utter. As for the rest, they could pick up right where they left off once they reached the hotel.(...)

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What colors do you refer to these objects? A) Headphones B) Car C) Dryer D) Fridge E) T-shirt F) Television

All of these are the colours I've picked purely because my own are these colours lol
🌸 Pink headphones
🌸 Blue car
🌸 White dryer
🌸 White fridge
🌸 Any :) I predominantly have black tshirts with designs on lol
🌸 Black TV :)
What colors do you refer to these objects A Headphones B Car C Dryer D Fridge E

Czy Beyonce przyjaźni się z Kanye West?

grandeupdatesplnews’s Profile Photo#agup Ariana Grande Poland ♡
Trudno to nazwać przyjaźnią. Kiedyś Jay Z był bliżej z Kanye, przez co Beyoncé spędzała również z Ye dużo czasu. Każdy wie, jak wygląda zachowanie Kanye przez ostatnie kilka lat.
Kanye mówił publicznie o ich relacjach, miał pretensje do Jay Z o to, że North nie bawi się z Blue, na vmas w 2016 roku miał problem do Beyoncé z powodu plotek, według których B miała nie wystąpić na gali w przypadku nie zdobycia statuetki za teledysk roku. Ostatnio Kanye wyznał za pośrednictwem Instagrama, że jego ulubioną piosenką z nowego albumu Bey jest ,,Church Girl". Na pewno cenią siebie nawzajem, ale nie utrzymują bliskiego kontaktu.
Fun fact: Na dwóch górnych zdjęciach Beyoncé grała z Kanye w Connect 4, gdzie wygrała dziewięć razy z rzędu 😅
Czy Beyonce przyjaźni się z Kanye West

Hai mai visto l'alba con qualcuno di speciale?

L'alba, il tramonto, la via lattea, le stelle che cadono e la luna farsi fuoco. Con quel qualcuno di speciale ho condiviso l'universo. Ci pensavo poco prima - persa tra i miei mille ragionamenti - che se trovi quel qualcuno che ti prende di chimica poi accade un miracolo impressionante: due mondi che si uniscono, che entrano in contatto tra loro ma senza far danni, non se si tratta di “quella” persona, proprio quella nell'intera galassia, che si confonde tra la gente ma poi capisci, la riconosci dai dettagli, porta il tuo stesso colore in fondo all'animo, come magma al centro della terra, ribolle della stessa sostanza. Quei due universi si incontrano, si amalgamano fino a formare un colore soltanto, e succede che ti ritrovi a dover fare i conti con l'imprevisto - con la polvere lasciata agli angoli della stanza, con gli scheletri nell'armadio, i difetti, le tue cose in disordine, l'abito che proprio non ti senti di poter indossare ancora - e il tutto solo per premura di far bella figura. Ci tieni, non vuoi perdere il privilegio dettato da quell'incontro luminoso, anche se fa paura, se spesso può confondere un poco. E paradossalmente basta un terremoto per rimettere a posto tutto quanto, quel brivido che corre lungo le pareti dello stomaco al minimo contatto - chiamale farfalle se vuoi - quel cortocircuito neurale che ti costringe a vederlo in ogni dove, impresso sugli specchi, sui cocci di quelli che son stati i tuoi dolori più grandi, e sai - ma non lo vuoi ammettere - che a quel disastro quel qualcuno può aiutarti a porre rimedio. Si rimbocca le maniche, ti protegge affinchè tu non possa tagliarti, ed infine lascia che ogni male passi come si lascia andare la sabbia tra le dita, e ti promette un futuro migliore. Il bello, sai dove sta? Nella cura, nel fatto di poter ricambiare quanto fatto; te lo lascia fare, ti porge un pennello e con quel colore inizi ad imbrattare i suoi spazi, mischiando i tuoi toni con quelli della sua personale costellazione, frammenti di esistenza di cui vuoi conoscere la storia ad ogni costo. E le cose iniziano a prendere una forma diversa, nuove stanze si creano, nuove pagine si scrivono, si origina una convergenza talmente potente da tener lontano qualsiasi intrusione, e in quell'arsenale d'emozioni ti ritrovi a danzare, e ti diverti nel contare il tempo che passa, come conti le stelle o le nuvole sopra i prati, e scatti qualche foto, le confronti coi resti del passato, le conservi da un lato e torni a correre con un aquilone tra le mani, fiera del tuo cielo, di quel nuovo orizzonte condiviso.
Che sensazione immensa immaginare di dover condividere tanto con qualcuno, la somma di quanto una vita ha saputo plasmare dentro ognuno di noi; speciale, come chi del cuore si proclama il custode.
“Be my blue, I'll be your pink” 💘

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Hai mai visto lalba con qualcuno di speciale

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Katherine observed him, noticing signs of his inner struggle, it both amused and excited her to see the physical manifestation of her effect on him and although his influence on her wasn't as obvious, she wouldn't dream of denying it's existence.
Katherine's gaze dipped lower, capturing his lip bite, she barely noticed that she'd been mirroring it by the time he spoke again.
"I'm sure that's true." She mumbled in a voice just above a whisper.
She'd been holding it together, her lips were close to his, so close, too close, she could just about feel his breath on her skin as it happened. His boldness surprised her but only for a second before she showed appreciation by deepening the kiss, her fingers lost in his dark locks as she pushed his face even closer to his, the hunger she felt for him was near insatiable. Maybe it was that moment where she realized; he'd never kiss anyone the way his kisses her, not even Elena. She was reminded of the kiss they shared before, only it hadn't been Katherine who he thought he'd was kissing. The comparison fed into Katherine's pride.
Katerina allowing her teeth to nip on his lower lip just as he was pulling away. Her lids fluttered open, only to meet Damon's smile. His hand on her cheek filled her with a need for something not just physical and she almost panicked the second she realized it. She had barely registered his comment as she gazed into his blue eyes, lost in thought; it was easy admitting her feelings for Stefan, knowing that he didn't return them, Damon however was a different story, he's too impulsive, too reckless to stick to the plan, she couldn't stay on the run with him on her tail. She couldn't risk his life either; Stefan had a sort of immunity with Klaus due to their long friendship once upon a time, Damon on the other hand, didn't enjoy any such privileges. He could easily get killed, most likely get himself killed trying to protect her. All such thoughts rushed through her mind before she (...)

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Poi che mi racconti?

polle85’s Profile PhotoAnge light
1) Bloccato con il piede nel fare alcuni lavori di modifica alla camera che serviranno per le registrazioni video mi è caduto un oggetto pesante sul piede, enorme botta ma man mano sto guarendo
2) io e I miei soci / amici L'uomo misterioso e lady blue abbiamo aperto un canale tik tok
3) stiamo investendo su apparecchiature per il canale es microfono, pc nuovo, trippiede per microfono, abbiamo preso l'espositore elettronico per fare le unboxing
4) recensioni e anteprime sui videogiochi e qualche anime/ manga, alcuni di essi sono da sviluppatori ita, Cinesi e Russi e ucraini
5) conferenze sui videogiochi
6) dieta

Secondo te l' uomo è stato veramente sulla luna o è stata solo una grande finzione?

dogtheblog’s Profile PhotoUn cane di nome Stan
Caro Stan al mondo ci sono tante domande, esistono gli alieni? Come sarà il futuro? , noi da dove proveniamo? Come sono morti I dinosauri per fame o meteorite? Domande che in alcuni casi non si ha risposta, in altri la si trova e in altri casi viene nascosta volutamente la verità.
Come nel mio caso dove chiedono alcuni iscritti al Marco chi sono io e la mia ragazza, siamo reali? Siamo immaginari ? Perché io e Lady blue stiamo in anonimo e nei video c'è sempre il Marco? , perchè tutto questo ? Domande che non avranno mai risposta, ma che creano curiosità o supposizioni, restano solo i dubbi
Secondo te l uomo è stato veramente sulla luna o è stata solo una grande

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