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Kailan mo balak tuldukan ang pagiging single?

Pag may nakita na akong katulad nya.. or at least close..

bakit ganun, pag sinabi ko sa mga nakaTalking stage ko na I date to marry, they're suddenly ghosting me

It just means that the intent was different... 😅

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If you are in a bad mood do you prefer to be alone or be with someone to cheer you up?

Depending on who that someone I'll be with.. else.. I'll choose to be alone... 😅

have you ever liked by someone younger than you?

I have liked someone who's younger than me.. I'm just not sure if they liked me back.. 😅

would u wait years for someone u love without assurance?

I guess so... But waiting doesn't necessarily that you'll let yourself sulking...

Anong pipiliin mo sa ngayon? Goal mo sa buhay o taong gusto mo?

Eh ang goal ko sa buhay is yung tanong gusto ko eh.. 😅

What would you do if you had to go to bed tonight and knew you wouldn't wake up in the morning?

gelat1n’s Profile Photounseen
I would not go to bed then.. I can sleep on the couch.. 😁😜✌️

Okay lang ba para sa ating mga babae na gumagastos ng lahat para sa isang guy?

Ok lang ba saming mga lalake na gumastos ng lahat para sa isang girl?


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