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What do u do for work

I’m a Food and Nutrition Service Worker, and an official employee of the school district AND an official staff member of my high school.

Do you ever feel bad for the things you’ve done wrong

Yes, I’ve done things I’m not proud of, I’ll admit to that.

Where were u just now?

High school Varsity football game. We lost 41-6 against the Wilcox Chargers. Heard the Chargers are a really good team.
Where were u just now

Do you have a favorite high school or college memory?

Never went to college. No favorite high school memories.

I own my children the best life 😌 I gonna always be there, do you love your kids?

If I had kids, I would totally agree with this but since I’m only 23 and have no boyfriend or kids, I still agree with you.

Do you think human bodies should be buried or cremated or something else?

That’s up to the person’s discretion, not yours. If you want to be buried, then you can be buried. If you want to be cremated, then you can get cremated. It’s a choice.


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