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Can I upload a video from my iPhone now???? Please!!!

Yes, you can! ??????????
The product team has just released gallery upload on the iPhone app for VIDEOS. Make sure you have the most recent version of the app, they are 30 secs or less and the content complies with our terms.
Can I upload a video from my iPhone now Please

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sometimes i do ask my self questions anonymously just to be cool or becuz i want to make my crush knows that many guys are dying to have me, so thanks for that option , seriously you saved my life :p but would it be possible that ppl one day would know that i was asking my self ? i mean by a sign ?

No, other users won't know you asked yourself questions.

i submitted nearly 15 questions on @userdq for a daily question and they were really interesting and creative. why won't you make it the question of the day?

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We create the questions way in advance, so just have some patience, our editors will surely review them and if they're as good as you say you'll see them at some point.


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