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This is gonna be fun! Woohoo. ????????

Thank you for your efforts!

We were able to collect all 12 artifacts!
The biggest contribution was made by @PuppetMasterSans (6 488 coins)!

We thank everyone and want to ask: Have you already watched the last part?
+1 answer in: “Avengers Assemble!”

Avengers Assemble!

Soon we are waiting for the final battle with Avengers and evil
Want to check, could we beat Thanos alone?! ?
Every 500 coins is a new artifact of superheroes.
Let's collect them all:
1. Cybernetic hand of the Winter Soldier
2. Captain America shield
3. Iron Man's Repulsor
4. Hulk's tearing pants
5. Time Stone of Doctor Strange
6. Dr. Strange's cloak
7. Spiderman's cobweb
8. Thor's hammer
9. The ant-Man grenade
10. Star Lord's helmet
11. Groot sprout
12. Star Lord cassette player
? The one who will make the biggest contribution to the fight against evil will be proclaimed the Defender of Good to the whole @ASKfm world
Avengers Assemble
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Reward the posts you like the most! ?

? ASKfm is introducing answer rewards — a fire button below an answer. If you particularly like other user’s answer, you can reward it with a coin by a simple tap on fire button. Hold the button for a longer time to reward it with more coins.
?? Keep in mind that you can’t return back coins after rewarding an answer.
Reward the posts you like the most

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Today is the international Ask a Question Day! What's one question you would like to ask all @ASKfm users worldwide?

Guys, finally! ? International Ask a Question Day
❓ What? How? Where? Why? HUH?!?
All questions you could possibly think of can be freely raised on Ask a Question Day!
ASK @askfm and we will answer ⚡
Today is the international Ask a Question Day Whats one question you would like

Great gift ideas for holidays!

Thanks to everyone who sent gift ideas!
Here is a list of the best deals.
?‍♀ For girls
✔ Skincare
✔ Bag / designer scarfs / matching bracelet
✔ Jo Malone perfume / Gucci Rush perfume / Nars Lipstick (Starwoman)
✔ Diamonds / ring
?‍♂ For boys
✔ Shoes / tshirt / classy watch
✔ Gaming setup or an Xbox
✔ Comic book
✔ Sunglasses
? For all
✔ Pizza
✔ Novel
✔ Photo album of friends together
✔ Wallet
✔ Basket full of chocolates
✔ T-shirts with ask logo ?
✔ 5 dollars ?
✔ Socks
✔ Gift of experiences - adventure / jungle trekking / museum / boat ride / wine-tasting / toy factory
✔ Blanket and pillow
✔ Christmas tree toy
✔ Cute pajama
✔ ASKfm likes and coins ?
Great gift ideas for holidays

Black Friday! We have collected the best discounts for you! Enjoy it! ?

? Clothes and shoes ? up to 20% Off ? code THANKS ? up to 50% Off ? 25 % off for everything until 27.11 ? code EPIC25 ? up to 50% off ? up to 60% off ? 40% off everything ? code INDIGO
? Technique ? -50% Off ? up to 62% off ? up to 65% off
? Food
Black Friday We have collected the best discounts for you Enjoy it


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