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Hey. Someone is threaten me by hacking my account .. What should I do .. Thanks for your time

Make sure to choose a secure password that's not easy to guess, using upper and lower case and numbers or special symbols. Don't share your password with anyone. Make sure you have access to the email address you have setup for your Ask account, in case your password ever doesn't work.

I keep being reported for something thats against the rules. Ive looked through my answers and there is nothing that I feel 'broke the rules'. I think somebody is reporting me over nothing just to get my account suspended. What can I do?

Reports alone don't get your account suspended. Our moderators review all reports and only take action if necessary. It can be rude language, threats, bullying, inappropriate content or other behavior that breaks the rules. Please take a look at the Terms and assume that we strictly enforce them:

Why can't you change it to being able to unlike posts? Does it actually cost money to change something small like that? Or do you guys not want to do so?

Nothing we change is a small change. It may seem small but any feature can have consequences throughout Ask, cause new issues and massively impact our systems that need to be considered. Besides the question if a feature makes sense at all!


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