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What is up with all the advertisements on here now like "save up to 25% on..." Can those go away it was better when there was none!!!?

We're currently testing new ads on Ask. Ads are an important part of making sure can always be there for you guys. Sorry, if they come off too much right now, we're tweaking how they look and how often they appear.

Hi !!! I just want to know that how to prevent your ask account from hacking like I have seen people with thousand of answers and their account is hacked :/ looking forward for your answer ;)

Make sure you always log out of your account, especially on shared devices. Choose a strong password (8 or more characters, use numbers and symbols) and change it regularly. Don't share your password with anyone. Also be sure to use an email address when you sign up that you and only you can access.

Why is my profile searchable via google? How do i make it unsearchable? I dont want my profile to be searched through any search engine! Please help!

All profiles are public (you don't need an account to see them), which is why Google can find them. And sorry to disappoint you, but we can't make profiles private or hide them from search engines.

Can I ask the support for changing my username? When I made this account (a long time ago, don't want to delete it, bc of answers, etc.) I thought you can change it when you want, so my name is not the best.. I hate it. Please answer.

Sorry, but it's just not technically possible at this time. Why don't you create a new account and ask your friends to start asking you on the new account?

I log in using my twitter account and now i want to deactivate it but they are requiring password what am i supposed to give if i log in using twitter. It is not accepting my twitter password huhuhu

If you have access to the email address on your account, then you can reset your password. Start here:


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