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Why when it comes to your response, it does not save me? Please help me :(

Hmm, I suppose we can't always "save" everyone with our answers (although we sure try...)? Maybe try being more specific or contact our support team for more help, here:

I've set up an anonymous confessions twitter for my school, but a lot of people don't have accounts... is there a way for them to send me a confession without needing an account?

Sadly there is no way. We are now requiring login to submit questions, mainly for safety reasons.

Can we delete the notifs in the answer section? If someone takes my phone, I don't want them to see what questions I ask and to whom

You can delete the individual notifications on the full website. Just click on "View All Answers" in the notifications drop-down, you can then delete each answered question notification. You can't do this currently on the app, only on the website.

Hi I have a problem, I used to have an account and it was connected to my Twitter and I deactivated it and made a new one and I can't connect this account to my Twitter

Only one Ask account can be connected to a Twitter account. If you reactivate the old account and remove the connection to Twitter, then you can connect it to your new account.

How do you feel about gay marriage being legalized?!

It's a truly historic day, when a big country comes to the conclusion that love is simply love, and that somebody who loves a person of the same sex is entitled to the same rights, protection, respect and dignity as those who love a person of the opposite sex. It's a big signal to every nation in the world that still oppresses their LGBT+ communities. It's a wonderful, huge step forward for humankind and we're so happy for every girl who loves a girl, and every boy who loves a boy. Be happy together. Your love is all that matters. Love is everything. Love conquers all. ?

How do I completely get rid of an account? Like not deactivate

You can either contact our support team, or follow the steps in this FAQ article. Note: you have to be logged in and read all the way to the end. If it doesn't work for some reason, our support can help you.

My account keeps getting reported but I literally have done nothing tbat violates the Terms of Use?? What can I do?

Well, it's usually something you might think is no problem, like using bad language, threats, bullying, uploading pictures we don't allow, etc. Our moderators don't send warnings if you didn't do anything. But you can contact our support team to ask for more info:


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