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Can you please update ask fm so anybody can ask us questions whether they have an account or not? We all enjoy answering questions from everyone and has gone very quiet for a lot of people since this change! Please please, change it back!

We won't be able to allow questions without an account going forward. Like with most social sites that require login to engage with others, it's simply better for the overall experience and our ability to provide safety on our service.

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If I asked a question and it wasn't anonymously and I deactivated my account at once and reactivated it again, would it appear at the one I asked anonymous or with my name after the whole thing? Pls it's bothering me

Had to re-read your (complicated) question: If you asked a question publicly, your name shows up. Deactivation makes all questions you asked anonymous. If you reactivate the account, the profile and all its data is restored as before (and all public questions with your name).

What do you do if you feel like you never fit in anywhere? What's the best way to feel more normal? Oh and congrats to 1000 answers!!! Pls answer this one

You're not made to fit in, you're made to stand out! There's nothing wrong with being different, we don't have to all be the same. Relax, love yourself and believe in yourself and go your own special way. Maybe you'll change the world!
Watch this great quote by Apple & Steve Jobs, "Here's to the crazy ones", it really sums it up beautifully:’s Video 129241160202 -z4NS2zdrZcaskfm’s Video 129241160202 -z4NS2zdrZc

whenever people suggest something to improve askfm, you always say its a good idea or youll pass it along but nothing ever happens? idk it just seems like you only say you will try to make something happen, i mean, people have been wanting an unlike button for yeaaars. idk :/

It's a fair question and understandable that it seems like nothing happens. The reality is that it's never easy to change anything, even minor, on a service like Ask that is used by millions of people in 40+ languages at the same time. Even if we decide to do it, we have to develop a feature, test it dozens of ways, and evaluate how it impacts our systems. We also don't have thousands of developers like some other large sites, so things just take time. ?

What do you think about the people here in Ask.Fm that use this platform to judge and provoke in somewhat a negative way?

People who want to be negative will always find a way to spread their negative energy. If we don't give them attention, the trolls have no power. Let's shut them down. Block and report negative people and don't engage with them. Help us find them, so we can throw them out of the club.


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