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Who is the best music artist ever?

i love alec benjamin so much. he’s so talented n handsome gosh. his voice & lyrics r so dope. everything ab him is just >>> he’s the genius. pls appreciate this special n unique talent. 🥺🖤 my boy is so underrated.
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Do you think Nicki in the illuminati yes or if no why don’t you think she not in it

i don’t know bae. but i rlly love conspiracy theories & read ab nicki too just for fun. i can’t say that i believe in it, but can’t say that i don’t believe.
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Is it better to feel or be unfeeling?

feel cuz that’s how i know i’m alive. that’s what i’ve been doing my whole life. i know sometimes we r frustrated, especially when our feelings r hurt by someone, but being insensitive/unfeeling is torture/punishment. of course, everyone wants to experience only positive feelings and emotions, but this is not always possible, so we must learn to take what is given to us.

Hello, I work at an animal shelter and we have lots of expenses. To help with expenses I created a youtube channel with videos recorded there, showing cute and funny situations with our dogs/cats :) Would you mind giving a look and subscribe? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUAV4jE32k2BaO8vngEuyww

i looooveeee these messages 🙏 it’s important. thank you for your kindness and help to the animals. god bless you & i hope you can continue to do this work.

hi x

also i want to thank u guys for ur activity on my page. thank u so much! i don’t know what i did to deserve this popularity sometimes, but that’s the best compliment for me. i love y’all, ur minds, spirits n pure hearts. thank u. i appreciate it cuz it means a lot. have a good day/night. sending my hugs, kisses n love.
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