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I feel so insecure when i see yall celebrity's because you guys are so beautiful then i look at myself and im ugly.

i’m not a celebrity. i’m a role player, um, kinda. BUT! lemme tell u smth: i understand u. i RLLY understand u. this is one of the most heartbreaking things when u’ve insecurities, cuz this is not what u want n need (duh), but this is what u’ve & u struggle w it all ur fkn life, suffer from fkn self-doubt. it’s incredibly sad when beautiful ppl don’t see their beauty n say that they’re ugly. i don’t know if this will make u feel better or not (i’d like u to feel better, so i hope n pray for this option), but believe me, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Beautiful inside n out. PERIOD. i love u.

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@dangerous_latte the most precious bun and bean finally getting married. i love u both sm. heaven sent us this marriage. take care of each other. malcolm is happy in heaven to see this love and happiness. i’m sure malcolm sent this guy from heaven to ari. she’ll be happy w dalton as she was happy w mac once and even more. guardian angel. blessing. he’s her true love and she found everything she was looking for. she’s his true love and he found everything he was looking for.

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dangerouslatte the most precious bun and bean finally getting married i love
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I don't have any friends

but i’m here for this! dm me w/o anonymity pls, if u have an account here or on insta - alex_k.i (my instagram account, if u don’t have an account here, then dm me there). y’all can write to me there. i wasn’t ready to expose my real identity & all my real/private accounts before, but now i’m ready. i also need friends n i’ll be glad to talk w each of u. write me. at any time & on all social networks. i love y’all sm & wish u a good day/night.

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