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When I am reporting someone there is no option for "fake account"

We don't have it in the report dialog that pops up from the flags, but if you report it on the contact form, there is an option for that:

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Comment peut-on avoir beaucoup de questions, car moi je ne reçois presque jamais de questions, je ne reçois que les questions du jour et j'aimerai répondre à des questions intéressantes sur Ask. ?

Tu devrais trouver les profils qui envoient beaucoup de questions. Il y beaucoup sur Ask.

I got a hate message, and I replied using a slang, and the answer got deleted automatically. This happened 3 times and I got a message that I'm violating the terms. What is this?

You shouldn't reply to negative messages at all, just report them and block the sender. If you respond with bad language or insults, you're also breaking the rules.


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