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Who creates qotd?

We have a team of editors and bla bla, didn't we answer this before? ? Okay, somebody in our office has to come up with tons of questions all the time that can be (and will be) translated in over 40 languages and work for a really broad global audience. It's not as easy as you'd think. Wanna help out? Send some good suggestions over to this profile: @UserDQ is not letting me like anymore posts what do i do!!

If you're liking a lot of answers in a short period of time, we give you a bit of a time-out to cool things off. It causes all sorts of issues if people mass-like and we prevent spam that way. Just chill out for a bit and you'll be able to like again.

How can I stop someone from accessing my profile or seeing my profile picture? Please let me know, waiting for your reply.

All profiles on Ask are public, so you can't restrict access to them. If you don't want your profile picture to be visible, you should definitely choose something that doesn't identify you.

?I want to say.. DON'T make unlike button, comments, photo section, seeing anons, seeing followers. is very good like this, don't make these...?I'm only wanting an ipad version please!?

Well thanks, that's a more unique request. ? We're not working on an iPad version right now, but it might come in the future! We'd love to have one. You can of course use the iPhone app on the iPad, it's not ideal but might be easier than the website.

Please answer me becase I think I have sended this question for so many times. When is filming video responses going to be able on androids*??? Are you working on it? pleaaaase <3

And we've answered this question many times! Our mobile team is looking into making video available for Android, but it's not as simple as it sounds and takes time. We hope we'll be able to offer it at some point in the future.

If someone is constant making fun of me with anonymous questions can I find out who they are so I can take real world action with bullying campaigns?

If you're planning to retaliate, you're just making things worse. Instead you should block that person and report their questions, so our moderators can take action. If you don't want to receive anonymous questions, you can also turn them off for your profile.


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