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Can you compile a list of all the verified accounts in That way those raging disputes about whether them fanboys' favourite celebrities are real can stop. If you guys can't/won't, may I at least know why?

We know there are lots of accounts saying they're certain celebrities. We're working on identifying all sorts of well-known people and verifying their accounts, but it takes time. In the meantime, if a celebrity has a verified Twitter and/or Facebook account and doesn't mention their Ask account anywhere and isn't verified on Ask, you shouldn't assume they're real.

My friends account keeps getting reported for no reason. It will be her 5th account suspended if she gets another warning. Someone doesn't like her and keeps reporting her. What can she do.

It's not possible that her accounts get suspended for no reason. Our moderators review every report and only take action if there's been a violation of our terms. Make sure you and your friend read the terms and refrain from bad language, threats, swear words and inappropriate content.

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Why don't you make the profile pics private or like that option of people who can see your pic or you're the only one see it, just like facebook, i mean personally i don't want anyone to see my pic.

It's an interesting thought but many things about Ask are very different from Facebook, and it doesn't make sense for us to be like Facebook. Everything on Ask is public, which makes sense for Ask. If we start to make things private, it would fundamentally change a lot of interactions (like anonymity). You can use any (acceptable) pic as a profile pic. Easiest way to think about it: if you don't want it to be public, don't post it.

Is 100% free of hacks, like we'd never be caught when we asl questions?

We have not seen a credible way to expose anonymous activity on Ask. However, we offer anonymity only to allow positive, honest exchanges. If you abuse this feature, we may take action, including working with or assisting law enforcement as required/allowed by law to pursue criminal activity.

Why cant i like anybody's answers?! Is it that there is something wrong with at the moment or that it is my problem? And what is the solution for it.

Everything's working fine. You may be temporarily blocked if you liked a lot of answers in a short time. If it doesn't work at all, try using a different browser or access Ask from a mobile device.

Not everybody on is American. I don't understand why you'd put a mass question about America's independence but then on Canada Day, you put a question about aliens. Just wondering

We didn't ask about US Independence Day, we asked about July 4th. If that day has no specific meaning where you live, then it's just a date, like "What are you doing today?". You see what we did there? ?


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