Ask @Annathekiwi_:

Meow I hope your cat is making you feel better 😽 so many people have the flu... I have the flu too... get lots of rest and spend more time with your kitty😸

Yes 😍

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Is it normal that I feel really sorry for my friend because he’s gaming on a CPU from 2008 without a dedicated GPU? I’ve offered to guy I’m a dedicated GPU but he refused my offer.


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okay cool. some ppl say u dnt have sexual attractens. some ppl say u like neither gen. wich 1 is true?

I like boys. I don’t want to have sex. Pretty simple tbh.

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Were you the only one to try a thong then lol

I didn’t try any real thongs just the disposable ones so my ass germs wouldn’t get in the underwear in case I decided not to buy it

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