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If your uncle jack was stuck on a horse, would you help your uncle jack off that horse?

Yes but only if uncle jack was in serious trouble

V is the person you're talking about named Kyle because he'd never let you go

Txt me the English homework fagot

Question of the day: why is the kid you taught to surf so god damn good looking?

I don't surf according to someone named Kyle Monaco


I'm not gonna name anyone specific but it's the people that I felt I had a lot with and then a new day came and it was like we never have talked before

v obviously you didn't eat your hot pockets from the grocery store or else you'd feel better

I ate them but I was pissed when I found out they we're lean pockets....freaking healthy food pockets

Who is the sexiest person in your English class (hint: k15m)

GTFO Kyle this is a serious for serious questions...god damn that was just rude

Omg so scary so I was walking to school by Lucy d and Sam meantime was there and he was smoking no joke I thought he was gonna rape me or something I didn't know what to do so I just sprinted so fast and I looked so wierd bc I had all my sports stuff but oh my god scariest momemt of my life

Haha sorry that happened idk why u wanted to get that off ur chest.....but dont worry sam mantone cant do shit hes become slow from all the weed hes been smoking hahhaa

Would legalizing marijuana be a good thing or bad thing?

Hey give the people what they want...i dont smoke i would give it to my boy sammy manny


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