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amiraaboalala644’s Profile PhotoAMIRA.
"You were not a mess to me, neither were you a masterpiece... Your beauty and love glowed immensely inside my darkness, but it was never meant to only be seen... For it was meant to be felt, it was meant to be cherished and adored... I have accumulated so much regret and loss in this life, but none are bigger than not being the person you so rightfully deserved... You were every last thing my soul had longed for, and I can't seem to fathom that I no longer get to be in your presence... My love, you're not a mess, you're not a masterpiece... You're an Angel dancing amongst the blind and hopeless... But I'll forever remember your wings... I'll forever remember how your feet did not touch the ground..."
You were not a mess to me neither were you a masterpiece Your beauty and

A popular opinion/ belief you don't agree with?

mincena’s Profile Photomaria♡
Trust is a must,
Belief is a choice;
Surrendering can be hindering,
Silence can be noise.
Three left turns make a right,
Three wrong turns take a life;
Two broken wings heal to fly,
Yet only one thing is certain...
We all will die.
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TruexPp’s Profile PhotoNeptune ム
The narrowness of your gaze
Burns a hole in my brain.
Trying to understand your ways
Makes me feel a bit insane.
While you claim to worship love
And invoke a holy name,
You give counteractions of
What that love seeks to change.
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I have a lack of words for how I'm feeling right now; it's as if my whole vocabulary is pressed so tight against my soul, that I can't even begin to fathom to take a breath, let alone mutter words... I no longer know who I am, nor do I know what I'll become. A trail of trials has been my life, and my feet are blistered with so much pain that I'm afraid I can no longer take any steps...To call this feeling sorrow, is an understatement... I see it as death... Death of a soul that no longer wishes to be weary....
I have a lack of words for how Im feeling right now its as if my whole
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It's in this shame
Where I bear no light
For I've lost myself
And the will to fight
I search for help
But it's far out of sight
I'm stranded in hell
Without the means for flight
These wings are scorched
Faltering down the unknown
I consider the unthinkable
As I lie cold and alone
Will I make it back this time
For that has yet to be shown
I know one thing's for certain
I can't conquer this on my own
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what saved you?

mincena’s Profile Photomaria♡
It's here to stay
This wounded stray
It's stitched to my soul
And won't go away
No matter what I say
Either night or day
It's forever progressive
It knows no other way
It stays aggressive
In a darkened array
One second it'sa predator
The next it's prey
It comes on the regular
It comes in shades of gray
Each one different
Yet all the same
It's mine to claim
Every last strain
Though the more I feed it
The more it claims.
I become depleted
With nothing to gain
My life defeated
By a stray with no name
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