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BontsBO FanPage @BOntsFanPage
BontsBO FanPage @BOntsFanPage
I LOVE MUNT9R SO MUCH AND ITS NOT BCUZ HES HOT Its bcuz he has the best personality amazing smile << ive seen him I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM and if u get to know him u will love him too ps: he doesnt know me :') MUNT9R LOVE U =))<3
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i adore this person <333333333333333  Rima Bint saeed*
Aaaaaa mee mooree ☹♥
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متى راح يسوي الاسك الحقيقي حقه
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جميييييييل :"( <3<3
jeeeeedn <3
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klmt bonts beni w beno :)) thankyou girl
no need ;;)
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Ma swaa 7ssab bonts wlaa lssa :'''(
Elaa =))
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Finally a new account  BOnts bO
welcome to ask <33
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ليش عططل حسابه ؟؟ بالعربي مو بالانقلش المعرب اذا ممكن
عشان دا واحد فشاخ صورو و منتصر قلي انو ما عندو حساب بس قريب حيعمل انشالله
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Happy birthday Mut9r <3  BontsBO FanPage
5 people like this لييه عططل حسسسابه
bcuz da wa7d fash5 9wr munt9r w ygul enu howa eli fe alpictures just
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ant elle bal pic ?
La munt9r
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Ana mont9er wo ma 3endy acount fy ask bas fy alface.. Asmo BOnts bo wo shy tany kedb mo ana
y3ne dak kbad :O<\3
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Booontsss faaaaans foooor eveeeeeer <3
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Hla walaah hlaaa kayf 7alkoom yalfanpage 7g bonts 3saakom b5aayr w ahnekoom 3la 4oogkoom bonts ensas 56eeeer ahneeekoom 3layh ;D
Hla feek :* Good al7mdllah wbu ;p Yeaahh i luuv him <3<3 =)) hahaha thanx :*
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da m5nth hhhhhhhhhh ytnak f al scl
G9dk Enta ?!
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ana a7bu kmaaaaaaaaaaan <3 _ <3  sara nari
<3<3 Gul gbl kda kul alnas T7ubu <3
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ana kmaaaaaan b7bo <3 _ <3
<3<3<3 Kul AlNas T7ubu
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Ro7i moti ya she5a :D !
Eshbu ahlk ente ?
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6ayb hu gbe7 lu enh ma 3dl 7wajbh mthl elbanat w g9 sh3rh bi6l3 a7la , el7in k2nh bnt w wld bnfs elwgt -___-"
A7lla mnnk we yla bra
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7sbtk wldd *.*
Eli Fe AlPictures wld Bs ana bnt -,-
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<3<3  BOnts Bo
Ya Lbaa Al [ <3<3 ] :*
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thxxx noda 3la al bage da <33333  BOnts Bo
Noo Needd 7bb :*
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I appreciate all of my FANS hahhaha Tell me girl , who are you ya bnt al7lal ? ;p  BOnts Bo
IM Alanoud =))
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whooooooooooo r ya girlll ?  BOnts Bo
Someone =))
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