Sweetie that really sounds amazing! I'm so happy for you :) how is Kurt doing? And how Are the kids? :) Blaineylover

He's brilliant and the kids are so grown up

Omg!! Are you seriously a teacher now??! Omg that's so amazing! I would love to have you as my teacher too :) Blaineylover

yeah I teCh hofh school english and X journalism

What's your favorite pizza topping?

I love pepperoni

I work alot Now :) to earn some money xd what do you do? Blaineylover

im a teacher now

If you could be any OITNB character, who would it be?

// urm vause

I feel great honey. It's great to hear everything is going well :) I have vacations too so i'm happy :) Now I have alot of free time :D

thats great hun

Hi Blainey Bear :D I missed you so much Violet ❤ #DarrenAndMark ❤️

hey hun I missed yiu

I'm fine, gracias -smiles- Malia.

been up to much

Aww! That's amazing Blaine :) Malia.

yeah how are you san?

Thank you sweetie :) I've missed you alot :( how Are you? Blaineylover

im really glad its summer vacation and I xan see more of ny kiddiewinkles. how are you? I missed you too mona

How are you? Malia.

im glad its summer vacation and I xan zprnd more time with my kiddiewinkles

What do you think makes a person beautiful?

good personality

Hi Blaine Malia.

hi san

Awwh it feels so good that you still know me :) i'm doing fine ;) I've passed my final examens so that feels pretty good :d how Are you sweetie? Blaineylover

aww honey thsts good. im glad

Do you believe in destiny? What's yours?

yeah...my family is my destiny

I hope you still know Who I am. I've been missing you so much blainey! I Just hope you still know it's me xx

I know who you are :) how ate you hun?

All I do is stand up for my friends and then I just got a message that i violated terms and I could get suspended if I don't stop. I just feel like someone is targeting me :/ Violet ❤ #DarrenAndMark ❤️

people can be vicious ob here hun jusy ignore them

Don't get too stressed. It isn't good for your health x

ill try not to its justvery busy over here

Blainey, someone reported me on here and I nearly got suspended but I didn't do anything wrong Violet ❤ #DarrenAndMark ❤️

aww hun

Who do you follow on Vine?

I don't have vine

I love you Blainey Bear ❤️ Violet ❤ #DarrenAndMark ❤️

love you too jen!

Don't talk to Rachel @TrueRachelBerry Bri


What do you refuse to pay for?

sandwiches from a certain shop that will go unnamed

*hugs you back* thanks Blainey. Violet ❤ #DarrenAndMark ❤️

you're welcome

I donno what I did Blainey. I'm gonna find out why the girl thinks I'm a bitch. Violet ❤ #DarrenAndMark ❤️

*hugs hun* youre not a bitch


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