Ceara Dwyer @Cearaadwyer
Ceara Dwyer @Cearaadwyer
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What is more important - to be loved or to fall in love?
both. you can't have one without the other
2 and I don't want to
What makes you nervous?
losing something I worked so hard to get
It's World Gratitude Day! What's something you're grateful for?
Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram?
Clayton and sorry not sorry
What's one thing that always makes you happy? PAP!
tbh this
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What is the last thing you do before bed?
who's that kid
got your eye on anyone?
Would you rather wear a snow suit in the desert or be naked in Antarctica?
Do you think you've changed in the last year? In what way?
Yes bc I'm not as ugly
So yea I'm gonna head to bed lol. I'll spam your your ask.fm another day lol. Goodnight Ceara
goodnight mane
I just have a feeling one day my car is just not going to work
prolly not
😢no new car RIP
I already did reveal myself
wait I'm v confused
Looking to donate one to a worthy cause #me
Bruh I'm broke or I would
But I am the young Padawan
reveal yourself
Why are you selling yours anyway
we have 6 cars that's why 😂😂
Without any cup holders, shitty radio, and shitty air conditioning. But hell at least it runs
I have a better car than you bud
Let us talk
Can we be friends
yeah fam
I laugh a lot. I'm weird. And I have bad vision with a bad car
your 1980 Toyota 😂😂😂
I wish we could be friends I really need a friend
so do I
A friend from last year and kinda still am this year
there's a lot of those
That rules out me lol
well who are you?