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Pap of a selfie of you and Texas again.
Why you so obsessed with me.
Pap of a selfie of you and Texas again.
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What books on your shelf are begging to be read?
I've read them all lol
Did you hand with Texas today
Hang yes.
This is why we're best friends lmfaoo
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Who are you?
Ceara A Dwyer. Born on August 12 1999 at 6:19 AM on a Thursday in Rapid City, South Dakota. Who are you?
Where yo legs go man ? .-.
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I rather not say cuz thn u wil tell her
o tht suks but im glad 2 c tht she is happy
Yep. Who is this by the way?
u think they'll break anytme soon
Nah. They're too good together.
I kno I see em in da hall. u like him
He's a good kid and he's pretty cool.
o thts nice. I use to lke her
Yeah she's got a boyfriend now
I figurd she has huge legs lol
She's got great ball work and she's just someone that I look up to and I know I won't ever be as good as her.
she good
well tht suks, she plays soccer right
Yep. Year round.
why wouldn't you?
I don't do as much as she does.
who do you think is getting #1 cadet I think thats what its called, I've heard some people talk about it at lunch
I think for the first years it's gonna be Kaylee Norris because she's the one who does the most and dedicated herself to the unit.
they say they don't like you bcuz you bossy & a hipercrit
For one, I just enforce the rules, I'm the flight commander so that's my job. and I'm not a hypocrite, I talk to my flight sergeant about his wrong doings and that's all I talk about, if I talk.
I know I've talked to other people about it. it seems like a lof of drama I'm c flite
I'm in c flight. I hate it but most of the people in there will drop out eventually.
So you'll be in b or c flight. 3rd and 4th one or the other.
jw I was thinking about doing in next year. you good at it?
Yeah. It's pretty simple. Left face you turn to the left, right face you turn to the right and about face you turn around. Simple stuff. You learn 10 commands at the beginning of the year. What school do you go to?
you like rotc?
Love it. Why?
Kik me .-.  Savannah Brooks
Will do
What about Texas ?  Savannah Brooks
That is Texas lmao.
I get on ask and I see stuff about Josh in your ask. excuse me *takes a moment to gather my thoughts* wtf nigga lmaoo .  Savannah Brooks
No no no no lmao not josh Eicke. I'm dating Josh Kaiser lol.
I hope Texas leaves your ass.
*dream on plays in back round*
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