Ceara Dwyer @Cearaadwyer
Ceara Dwyer @Cearaadwyer
Philippians 4:13
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Where are you ticklish
Why do I still have this app
What's the best comfort food?
Mashed potatoes.
Sorry mommy I just want to know :(
It's ok dad
Do you have cute feet?
Lol leave me alone.
Do you ever pick things up with your feet?
Oh god it's you again isn't it
Omg why are you single? You're gorgeous
Lol I don't know.
Are you single
Why do you hate your feet??
Bc feet are nasty
Are your feet ticklish at all?
Yes but I hate my feet and I hate feet.
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So what cha doing
Laying down bc lazy
How long have you played soccer for?
I played in 4th grade and then stopped and now 2 years
Where's your most ticklish spots
Wow that's crazy tiny haha. Do your friends ever comment on your feet
What's the smallest size you can wear
It depends on the shoe. My uggs are 3 1/2 and my old cleats are 3 1/2 too.
Aww really? How is it hard?
The shoe is either too big or too small.
What's your instagram
Is it hard to find nice shoes?
Do you like cuddling?
Who doesn't?
Are you ticklish at all?
You're super cute!
Lol thank you
Hot tea or ice tea?
Sweet tea.
Are you a soccer player?
What grade are you in?
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Wow you have tiny feet xD
Lmao I know.
have you heard of any other apps like chatous?
No lol