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D': I miss you already

So sorry :(

did you leave?

I did, I am absolutely sorry. But I have two pages and couldn't handle that many replies so...

So do you like roleplaying with The Torubled Pack? are they any good and how is your story-line with them??

And yes I do love rping with them very much. Their amazing so go add them!

Do you have an specific time that you get online? (TTS time)

Yeah during the weekdays I don't get on till around 5


Musn't say.

Do you have favorites on the site?

Honestly, I try not to but... of course, I'm sure everyone does.

Who do you wish you could roleplay with?

I wish I could rp with idiosyncratic again and love + lies. As for ppl active on the site.... ehh... oh can't wait to rp with Shame.

What's the largest amount of money you've ever lost?


Who do you love role playing with?

ᴄᴏʀʀᴜᴘᴛ, The Troubled Pack™, Salute {-Group-}, and Cassie`× are currently the most interesting storylines right now and therefore who I enjoy replying to right away.

You're a lesbian?


Which character has a FC that suits them and why? (U can pick more than one)

Cassie because unfff skins uk

Yo mon did sumodie say thick black log? Mon, i be havin a thick black log. Ten inches mon! Suck away

I like vagina.

Niqqua be havin' green turd-itis. It be a ass dat cant take a shit in a timely mannor. So it be turning green an shit.


Ay mon how about suckin my semi erect black niqqua log, it be 8 inches, can you be handlin dat?

I'm a lesbian.

Are you more of a dog person or a cat person?

Neither. Allergiessss!

Whose pages do you lurk on?

Everyone, but mostly people I don't talk to yet to decide whether I wanna talk to them or not.

Miss you. <3 I hope your arm is better.


I just shed tear. out of all 40 questions this is the one that hurt me bad. I miss you suga mama :'(

I love every single one of you motherfuckers and I miss you all. QUIT hibernating and bring your sexy ass back to TTS and ASK.FM. You are seriously missed and wanted! NOW COME BACK! <3


I love you Gaylord <3 I sent you a reply on roleplayer because you make me tingle ;)

Mac Daddy E

Yay yay yay I knew a change in sites would be good for our relationship.

I leave for 10 days and you get hurt?!? ohhh lord :(

Cassie Ainsworth

I knooow

Who are the rest of the so called "elites" (besides West & H.I.) because apparently I insulted one and got like 5 pages of hate mail I had to go through and delete?


leave me lone

OOPS. me v. Stupid anon button!


it happens to the best of us

Thank you babe. Get well soon. <3


lol I have 15 questions. injuries make me popular :P

I hope you get better! <3


Thanks a lot sweets! :D


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