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Dalia Mahmoud @DaliaMahmoud505
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I think i'll miss u forever.
Live fast, die young.
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What freaks you out?
Valentines day xD
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اللى فات مش راجع ولو رجع مش هيبقى زى الاول..................؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟
ah walahy yabny xD
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Ya3ny eh dp
Dance and Party. For the rest of your life.
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للولاد : ايه هي مواصافات فتاة احلامك للبنات : ايه هي مواصافات فتى احلامك
Ykon keda eli hwa fahem enta ya3ne maykonsh mn el homa 3aref enta eli homa la la mabhbhomsh ana 3yzah mn eltanyen, fahmny?
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3lshan tafha? Wala 3abytta? :o
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خدي بالك !!! العد التناازلي بدأ :/
الجنان اشكال و الوان؟
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Yaslam eh?
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Kik please ?
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Happy New Year! Stay blessed! (One of your Follower) ❤️
Happy new year!
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Like = tbh , for everyone ?
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Merry Christmas :D
Mewwy chwistmas<3
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How will you celebrate New Year's Eve?
Watchin "new years eve" movie, this is pathetic, ik.
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aktar bent bt7behha w aktar wald bt7beeh ?
mabhbsh haad.
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Do you prefer Instagram or Facebook?
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1st 2 likers get 15 like
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Ah tabi3y !!
Tayb roh etsla 3la had ghery!!
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Twaf2y abos reglk ?
Enta taby3y?
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I'm asking: May I Kiss Your Feet ?
we b3din y3ny
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May I kiss your feet ?
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MohamedTarek is?
he's more than my guy-bestfriend, he's my brother, i tell him EVERYTHING.
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like =
Two likes, if i get any!
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You and I We don't wanna be like them We can make it till the end Nothing can come between You and I Not even the Gods above can Separate the two of us [[<33]]  Loay M-Soliman [[Sarcastic.]]
nothing can come between you and i, high five<3
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a7aa el shbshb daaaa3.....
da no3 mn anwa3 elmrd elnafsy wel genan? bs fe 3lag akid :D
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bs nty cute bl ice cap da :'D  Loay M-Soliman [[Sarcastic.]]
Shoukraan <33
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We're only getting older baby And I’ve been thinking about you lately Does it ever drive you crazy Just how fast the night changes Everything that you’ve ever dreamed of Disappearing when you wake up <333 [[ Tesba7oon 3ala 5ayr <33 ]] - [[ NightChanges <33 ]]  Loay M-Soliman [[Sarcastic.]]
La keda keteer<333
Directioner boys are the best. <3
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