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Who do you talk to
No one and this is gay im done
Ur beautiful and I love you ❤
Aw thank u bb
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Can't you see? Sometimes your words just hypnotize me. I just love your flashy ways. I guess that is why they're broke and WE are so paid.
Hi domenica hahahaha this is true tho
So u jst culd if u wanted too.
what are you talkin about
Tht wuld be cute. Try nd tlk to him
i don't try to talk to anyone lol
I mean I guess you think you're cute ✋
naw but ur dad does
I hrd dayday like u or something. U thnk he do?
lol idk shawty
Who do you like Des
no one lol am i 5
Then snapchat me girl
... cause I know who you are
Hi I miss you and love you
I miss & love you too
How often do you go to parties?
uh idk lol every few weekends...
thoughts on kyla?
that's my baby & I'll be disappointed if she doesn't model one day
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U got a hc date?
Do you have a hc date?
We could be cute as fuck together! I swear. Your just letting a little anonymousism (that's not a word.) get in the way!
I suppose you gotta know someone to be cute w them lol
I'm your knight in shining armor! but it's under armor cause nobody wears armor anymore
I mean yeah it's cute but is that a yea or no?
who are you
AYE Barnes & Nobles! Idk you that well but that seems like a dream job for you! Good for you Des!
Hehe ;) thank you!
Since your not into anything serious. How about me and you cuddle here and there and watch movies? Just hangout. Basically do all the things couples do but without the titles or pressure.
lol that's cute
Barnes & Noble. Gotchu.
Why'd you stop?
U think u would wanna be in sumthin serious anytime soon or naww..
What do u want to do when u grow up
journalism or fashion
Do you cheer? Cuz u wrnt at the game
Go to homecoming wit me lol
yea I'll do that