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Wow , your beautiful :O xx

Thankyou xx

tell a little story about 2 people who get shrunk to micro size and accidentally fall into a glass of water you are about to drink. Has to be realistic, no wizards and unicorns lol

Fix up seriously.

your stunning xx

Thanks xx

omg ride meh


nicest face on road

Black Hippy

Xxx cutiee



Would you believe me if I said I was in love . .When I stabbed my half boyfriend & girlfriend? Cause baby . .I want you . .Naaaoooww ! ;)

what? lool


Josue Ntumba

thankyou x

Do you believe in anonymous love at first sight or . .should I walk by with my shades on again? :)

Walk by

Followed you! Ask me anything :) x

ask me stuff as well x

you never come on thiss x

i know x

im sure i saw you today x

where ?x

you're soo pretty

thankyou x

Im called jack xxx

okok x

Youre welcome gorgeous :') xxx

:) who is this? aha xxx

all pretty and kinda wavy well i was gonna say like in the pic but what do u do to your hair in the morning

nothing it is normally just wavy but sometimes i straighten it:)

What is the best way to make a kick in the balls really hurt? Describe the most painful one you've given to a guy?

i havent though

hi how do you get your hair like that ?

like what?? ahah x

Youre so beautiful! xxx

aw thankyouu xxx

You are beautiful :)

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