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suh bruh

Gooh bruh thx ✌️

Did you create a song on Soundcloud called Titanic? it goes something like "I dont wanna end up like the titanic dont wanna end up like the titanic sinking down" it says Titanic-Keaton Stromberg


Nope. And it definitely doesn't sound like me haha

Do you love me as much as I love you???❤❤❤


Even more ❤️

not one second goes by in the day that I'm not smiling. i laugh all the time :)))

That's one of the best thing you could do! 😊 Keep doing it.

Keats would you eat your favourite dish if a fan made it for you even if it doesn't have a good seasoning taste? Ps I love you and excited for new music 🙂🙂

If that would make her happy... why not :)

Do u like blondes?

I love blondes and I prefer them more than brunettes, as I already mentioned.

Thank you for following me on Twitter I am so happy i love you so much 💖💖💖


I'm really glad I can make people happy <3

Do u have a wattpad account? Because I'm followong a Keaton Stromberg cuz i think is you

No :)

Blondes or red heads


do u like to lick hangers

I like to lick your thumbs



ugh 😭 please help me, I'm so stressed out and everyone's ignoring me 😓

You should find new friends.

do u wear long red socks

Yeah always.

You do realize by you 'dating' a minor you can get into serious legal trouble, and then have to kiss E3 and your future good bye unless you two break up for the sake of you not getting arrested. Just a thought before you decide who you wanna go out with

Dafuck are you talking about 😃

Are you and Wes going to make more music together?😊

+ Drew

Omgg keaton i have a question

Becca Allers

Hit me.

It is emblem3 back?


do you love me??

Of course I do.

come back keaton!!


can you speak with me alittel Arabic?

I can't sorry :D

KeaTon come back!

I'm back bitches! ✌

Are you a virgin?😷



do you have a Facebook?


im going to cry

No way!


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