Keaton Stromberg @Emblem3
Beauty comes from heart, not your face :)
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Are you happy?
Because I'm happy.
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Oh my goshhh!! You're making me sad, because you never answer me!!:,(
I hope you are not sad now ;)
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Will you marry meee?!?
Is Wes' butt squishy or toned?
lol :D
i hope you're having a good day Keaton (: love you lots <3
No because I'm lonely :D
keaton. .what do you think of Rihanna?
She's beautiful and really talented! :)
Demi or Selena?
Demi :)
Let's get married
True :)
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You're back?!
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Hahaha everytime I see a picture of you on the M&G your face is like hilarious... You always make me laugh
Haha I'm glad that I can make you smile :]
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what's it like being perfect?
I don't know :)
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Why do you like cats? They are mean. ^__^
They are cyoot!!
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if a fan asked for a kiss would you give her one..? (;
Of course, cheek is my point ;)
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When you said you nearly cried do you mean of happiness or you were sad?
It was for fun but I mean I was sad. :D
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I hate me life
Why? You should love it. Life is awesome :)
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How do you tell your parents you're dating someone??
Haha I'm not 10 :D
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What's your instagram name? ily❤️  Carly Moore
keatonstromberg :)
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Post some funny animated GIF.
Hahaha :D
Post some funny animated GIF.
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DO you have six pack
Much better than Drew
DO you have six pack
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Damn, I nearly cried...
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I made this for you... KeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeaton KeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeaton KeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeaton KeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeatonKeaton
Wow, is that a song? :D
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Tell wes I want him to feel better
Haha otay :)
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Lets be weird together
I agree
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